Feast your eyes on the splendid beauty of the famous Wind Palace in India

Not only is India famous for the bustling city of Delhi, the ancient city of Agra, but the mysterious, dreamy city of Jaipur is also very attractive. This place is impressed by the ancient palatial palaces, with impressive historical thickness. Among them the most unique is the Wind Palace.

1. Origin of Wind Palace

Wind Palace or Hawa Mahal, is the most famous architecture of Jaipur , Rajasthan, India. The palace was built in 1799 by King Maharaja Sawai Pratap Singh of the Mughal dynasty. Originally, Hawa Mahal was built as a separate complex for royal women. From here, they can daily watch the lives of people through the windows without being exposed to the public.

Feast your eyes on the splendid beauty of the famous Wind Palace in India@travelzadventurer

And with the 953 small window system, the palace always welcomes the fresh breeze, so Hawa Mahal stays cool even in the hot weather of the hot summer. That's why the name Wind Palace comes from here! And so, it becomes an ideal vacation spot for the royal family every summer.

2. What is the attractive Wind Palace that attracts tourists?

Hawa Mahal Palace  was built in the shape of the crown of the Hindu god, the goddess Krishna, whose architecture is a 5-storey pyramid and made of pink sandstone, so it shines brightly in the sun. very eye-catching and contribute to the beauty of the heritage city of Jaipur. Looking at the colors of this palace, we can understand why Jaipur is nicknamed the " Pink City " of India.
From the outside, Hawa Mahal  looks like a giant honeycomb with decorative doorways, exquisite carvings to every detail. The small balconies that block the windows and the dome are also attached to the edges of the palace, creating the outstanding and luxurious beauty of the palace, which makes visitors come here admiring and admiring.
Next to the pretty small windows, windswept rooms are splendid. The inner rooms with pillars and corridors are also exquisitely decorated and make a strong impression in the eyes of tourists.
A little tip for you is that if you want to admire the masterpiece of the  Wind Palace , you should go in the early morning, when the first rays of the sun sparkle lighting the entire palace, making Hawa Mahal radiate a pride. photosynthesis pink light, beautiful and strange charm.

3. What to do at the Wind Palace to stop the trip?

Having arrived at the Wind Palace  , you definitely have to go inside to admire carefully each line of paint, sculpture on the walls, pillars or lovely windows here to feel the subtlety.
In particular, you definitely have to go up on the windows to enjoy the cool breeze, pure here and look out on the street to see if you feel the "nobility" like the royal members.
And of course, creating the designs really "so deep" and save the unique moments of your trip to India  to show them to you is the work not to be missed, right?
Another small note is that the palace has no direct access. So, if you want to visit Hawa Mahal, you have to go from the entrance of the City Palace .
Although the original purpose was not for tourism but due to the delicate architecture, attracting too many tourists to visit, in 2005, the Wind Palace was renovated and added an elevator to serve. Best for travelers.
If you are bored with the bustling streets of the city, with the elegance, modernity, and overwhelming beauty of the western sky, there is no better option than to settle down in the ancient and quiet of Jaipur. . And when you come to the tourist line, be sure to visit the Wind Palace - India's giant pink crown!

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