What is interesting about Chitkul - a village located on the border of India and Tibet?

With no internet, no phones, no ATMs, this peaceful village feels like returning to the past of centuries ago.
The 21st century, phones, the internet, ... are considered to be things that are associated with human life. Every day of our lives, wherever we go, or whatever we do, requires the internet and separation - mobile phones. Imagine if you only need 1 hour without those things, ... Sure, 10 out of 10 people feel frustrated.
One of the famous tourist destinations in India that attracts many visitors is the Chitkul village located on the border of India and Tibet. No Internet, no phone, even no ATM, these are what's happening in Chitkul village , India. What is this village about interesting? Find out the answer through our article below.

About Chitkul village

Ngoi village Chitkul is a village inhabited final of the border between India and Tibet, China. This is one of the villages located in the Sangle valley at an altitude of more than 4000 m above the sea. This is where visitors often stop before moving to higher places like the Himalayas.

What is interesting about Chitkul - a village located on the border of India and Tibet?(Photo: @ girlsinhills.in)

The population in this village is about 700 people. The life of the people in Chitkul village is very special, no phones, no radio, no ATM ... In general, the life of the people here helps tourists go back to the past to return to life. 
Children living in Chitkul have no chance to interact with the wider world through the internet. Their lives are linked to mountains, forests and gardens. The climate here is very harsh, the winters are very cold and the summers are extremely hot. This has influenced and formed the simple and true lifestyle of the people here.
The summer days, the weather in the village is hot but in return is a majestic view with clear skies and sunlight behind the clouds. Climb the gentle slopes, you can watch the giant mountains covered with green, the colorful wild flowers
Surrounding Chitkul are pine forests and coniferous forests, looming with wooden houses, a peaceful setting separate from the noisy, bustling world. Flowing across the village is the Baspa River , one of the places that attracts many tourists to "check-in". Villagers rely on agriculture for their livelihood, and they cultivate, cultivate and raise cattle.

Discover the village of Chitkul

The  current Chitkul village is also one of the famous tourist destinations of Tibet. Although there are no phones, no televisions, no markets ... but there are still many multi-storey hotels serving visitors visiting the experience.
Coming to this small village of Chitkul, visitors can zoom into the snow-covered mountains around them. See apple orchids - one of the characteristic flowers of this area. Or watch the houses of the locals made of wood and extremely beautiful stone slabs.
If you come to the "village of the past"  in July every year, visitors will enjoy an extremely pleasant weather. It is quite hot, but in return you will admire an extremely majestic view with the clear sky and bright sunlight. Climb the gentle slopes, visitors will be watching an extremely beautiful picture of nature with giant mountains covered with a green color with colorful wild flowers. Truly a mountainous region extremely peaceful.
Opposite the Chitkul village is another village adjacent to the banks of the Baspa River. You can also enlist to visit this village, see their life and culture, will also be an extremely interesting experience.
The special thing of Chitkul village is that it is only about 30 km from the Chinese border. From Chitkul Village you can walk to places like Nagasthi near the border, or you can stop by the road to visit Rackham village. Rackham Village is a village praised as a model village, with a beautiful view of the Baspa River.
For first-time visitors to Chitkul, you will be impressed by the pine forest and small conifers along the entrance to Chitkul village. Visitors can also stop by the bridge across the Baspa river. Here, visitors can enjoy the immense space of the mountains or take yourself beautiful photos to save memories of an interesting trip.
Traveling to Chitkul village is a wise decision for those who want to find a peaceful and simple life, away from the hustle and bustle of the city, returning to the majestic, immense nature.

Some interesting facts about Chitkul village:

1. Chitkul is only 120 km from the Indo-Tibetan border.
2. The Uttarakhand border is only 20 km from Chitkul village. After passing Borasu at an altitude of 17,880 feet.
3. Chitkul grows high quality organic potatoes and peas, almost twice the market value.
4. Chitkul is only about 40 km from Highway 22.
5. The sign of "Hindustan ka Akhari Dhaba (the last restaurant of India)" has been poured many times.
Above are some experiences to help you get the most enjoyable experience in Chitkul village . Many tourists come to Tibet they often never miss the interesting experience in this village. Witnessing the beauty of the majestic but equally harsh nature, participating in the simple life without intentnet, no snow of the people here. All of which will give you a great experience. Wish you have an interesting adventure in this peaceful land.

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