Goa India - The land of beautiful beaches

Famous for its beautiful, pristine beaches, the state of Goa India is gradually asserting itself as one of India's most developed tourist states. With rich lands, fine white sand, attractive cuisine and rich cultural identity ... Goa easily fascinates anyone who visits here.

Goa India - Blue sea with white sand, golden sunshine

Located in the western part of India bordering the Arabian Sea, the state of Goa India  is a crossroads of culture between East and West. Every year, Goa attracts about 2 million Indian tourists  visiting the resort and swimming.
Most tourists come here to love the simple and rustic features of these beaches. The pristine beaches and extremely quiet gives visitors a sense of peace to the hard to describe.
Nature has offered Goa India  a system of beautiful beaches including Dona Paula. Dona Paula Beach in Panajim, Goa's capital city of 7km is surrounded by palm trees and casuarina trees to create the wild but also extremely charming.
Goa India - The land of beautiful beachesGoa - The land of beautiful beaches (@karishmarawat)

Candolim Beach and Agonda Beach in Goa state are somewhat quieter and more peaceful, the clear blue water and relatively flat area suitable for swimming, in addition, the beaches here have not been exploited tourism potential. Most of beaches are still in their original untouched nature. There is not much human activity, as the people of Goa mainly concentrate on the southern Cavelssim beach to fish and trade at the shore. That's why Cavelssim is always busier and busier than the northern beaches of Goa. The fishermen here are very friendly and enthusiastic, they are also ready to invite you for breakfast, tea and toast at the beach.
You can enjoy the feeling of sitting and drinking coffee at the bars and restaurants along the smooth white sand on Arambol beach. Or spend the fourth day exploring the bustling flea markets at Anjuna beach. Visit the freshwater pool near the shore at Kalacha beach. Or head to the Vagator Beach, which has a curved headland and faces Fort Chapora. It is simpler than wandering alone and watching dolphins on Benaulim beach.
In addition, Calagute beach in Goa state, considered the queen of the beach, is also an interesting choice for you. The sand is white and extremely clean, you will not see any rubbish on the beach.
Dawn in the beaches of Goa usually appears around 6am, so if you plan to walk to watch the sunrise on the beach, you should get up early with a wide-brimmed hat and sunscreen on, because 6:30 is the sun that has captured the head is getting brighter and things are starting to get hotter.
When on the beaches of Goa, you can relax, explore, lie on the sunbathing beach or join water games such as windsurfing, swimming, paragliding, fishing, kayaking, water skiing, yacht ... without having to follow any rules of the Indians.

Unique culture in Goa India

The biggest plus point of this state of Goa is the cheerful and open attitude of the indigenous people. Their enthusiasm makes you feel so close and peaceful.
Not only attracts tourists by the wonderful natural landscape but the culture, history, architecture here is also very rich with a unique combination between indigenous culture and Portuguese architecture. Since Indian Goa was once ruled by the Portuguese about 400 years, the culture will be more or less influenced by this country. The Ancestral Goa area in Loulotim is a place to preserve the traditions, arts and culture of Goa.
Ancestral Goa is also famous for the sculpture of Sant Mirabai plucking the ektara of the sculptor Maendra Alvares. In addition, there is the Goa Chitra Museum in Benaulium, which displays costumes, musical instruments, traditional farming tools, horse-drawn carriages, strollers, and wooden trailers.
Besides, there are many shops selling all kinds of items that are seafood, sea clothes, handicrafts and jewelry at low prices. Wednesday night, go shopping at Anjuna's famous beach flea market and enjoy Feni, or soak up the vibrant music of DJs who play music every night on the beaches of Goa India. Everything will be a memorable experience for you on this trip.

Abundant cuisine in Goa India

Coming to Goa India , you will enjoy all kinds of Indian specialties  such as fish curry, shrimp curry, vindaloo lamb curry, chicken curry xacuti and coconut-flavored bebinca cake; dodol candy; Portuguese style serradura. Enjoy the famous Kaju feny in Goa, brewed from ripe peaches or try red wine with a softer sweetness.
You should also visit the spice garden at Ponda to discover Indian spices and healing herbs such as turmeric, star anise, and nutmeg.
The unique culture and beautiful beaches of Goa will give you a relaxing time to relax in this romantic land. Therefore, Goa India is  increasingly attracting more tourists around the world to visit. Would you also be one of them?

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