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Locate destinations not to be missed in India!

Locate destinations not to be missed in India!

India is a very special and vast country. It meets all the different religions with a culture that can be considered especially rich! What do you want to explore when coming to India? Is there anything you need to give special attention to? Join us in pocket destination not to be missed in India, but definitely not to be missed when coming here through the following article!

Overview of India

As one of the countries in South Asia, India is a country with an extremely large area of ​​over 3 million km2. Therefore, this country borders many countries such as Pakistan, China, Myanmar, Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan and Afghanistan. Therefore, this is considered as the intersection of hundreds of different cultures from all over the world.
Along with that special position, India relies heavily on the Himalayas, facing the vast Indian Ocean. It is not wrong to say that India is a rich and interesting land to explore!

Must-visit destinations in India for you!

What is interesting to come to India? This is a question that a lot of people will probably ask and seek. Coming to India - a very sacred land, this place has a lot of impressive destinations. 

Tomb of the Taj Mahal

The Taj Mahal - one of the 7 great wonders of the world and one of the must-visit destinations in India . This is the place that any visitor to India would like to visit! Taj Mahal is located just a few hundred meters from the center of New Delhi, north of the city, recreated in the old city of Agra, this building was built entirely of marble and it took more than 20 years to complete! 
In particular, it is also associated with a touching story about the emperor Shah Jahan for his wife, Queen Mumtaz Mahal. The tomb was built around 1630 AD as his eternal love for his wife.


Kashmir - a beautiful land in the top of destinations not to be missed in India  with countless famous tourist destinations such as NaGin lake, Mugal garden, Gulmarg, ... This place is also compared to tourists. the name "heaven on earth" is not wrong. Everything here from close natural space, fertile soil, each different season, Kashmir will change to create new and impressive things for visitors.
You will admire the wonderful things such as the snow-capped peaks in the east or the fruit-laden orchards in the summer. Surely this will be a very interesting destination for anyone who comes to explore India!

Locate destinations not to be missed in India!You will admire the great things like snow-capped peaks in the east


Mumbai - also known as Bombay - the most famous tourist city in India. This place is not only the largest financial center in this country but also attracts the majority of quadrants to experience. From the modern, bustling streets or the ancient buildings, ancient architecture intertwined, ... all will make you say it in awe! Indeed a destination not to be missed in India, right?

New Delhi 

New Delhi - the capital of India, has a very impressive history with the historical sites associated with the development of this country such as Jama Masjid mosque, Red fortress, .. ... it all creates a very special charm! New Delhi is considered as one of the must-see destinations in India!
This place is like the "Rome of the Far East" because it contains a long history but still follows the trend of the world! The unique and interesting, waiting for you to discover here!


Goa - a small state of India is also on the list of destinations not to be missed when coming to India . Nature bestowed here the pristine beaches, beautiful to the heart. In this beautiful Goa, you can not only discover a lot of interesting things but also learn a lot about the history and traditional culture of the people here.

Thar Desert

Known as one of the must-see destinations in India , the Thar Desert makes a difference from these locations. This is a place where not everyone is confident enough to go, even the Indians rarely visit here. This is considered the third largest desert in Asia so far. If you want to explore this desert, you will need the help of indigenous people!
In particular, the journey to explore India you will experience a lot of unique and interesting festivals such as Goa flower fair, Sukajkund Mela - craft festival, Holi - festival to welcome spring, Diwali - light and knowledge festival , Pushkar Mela - fairs at Pushkar, Rajasthan - desert festival with countless interesting activities waiting for you to experience it!
In addition, coming to India you should not miss the special dishes here such as: Naan bread - typical dish of Indians, Dosa cake - roll rice paper made from rice flour and black lentils, Biryani rice - traditional Indian rice dish, fish head curry, chicken Tikka masala, Gulab Junmun - a sweet cake made from condensed milk, ... Truly attractive dishes that you should definitely try times!

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