The safety note for female travelers when traveling India

India is a country with a unique culture, historical relics enduring over the years; In addition, the cost of travel is not too expensive. However, there are some security issues that make Vietnamese tourists, especially female tourists, cautious when deciding to choose this destination. But do not worry, if before the trip, make sure you memorize these notes!

Are female travelers traveling alone to India safe?

Safety issues for women when traveling India is always a topic of great concern. For a long time, the issue of sexual harassment seems to be a problem of this populous nation, even more so. Because of Indian cultural identity, women do not have as many rights as men.

Many women, although they love the culture, history and landscape of this country, are afraid and believe that traveling alone to India is impossible. Especially when in public, men are very crowded and sit in groups as a dominance over women. However, if you have the opportunity to come here once, you will soon realize that India also has very friendly, honest people and Indian tourism is not as scary as people say. 
What you need to do before this trip is just to eliminate the anxiety, master the safety rules about clothing, moving, staying, contacting the authorities ... to have a complete trip. 

Some items to bring before the trip

One of the safety principles for women when traveling India is to prepare the right outfit before the trip, in addition to preparing more self-defense gear.
- Costumes: Even Indian women on the road often wear discreetly with shirts with sleeves, long ties, sleeveless T-shirts, pants. So do female travelers traveling to India , temporarily forget the two halter tops, body tops, shorts or short skirts; Instead, the costumes are wide and long, both convenient to operate and move to ensure safety for you. 

Safety Notes For Female Travelers Traveling IndiaWear dark pants when walking down the street for safety

It is best to choose costumes with dark colors, light patterns. Wear a monochromatic t-shirt or long maxi skirts when walking the streets, the seaside, and sacred places. Add a denim jacket or cardigan thin for the evening, just warm, youthful yet discreet.
Regarding accessories, it is advisable to wear a comfortable pair of sandals and wear a shoulder or cross-body bag to make it more convenient, while limiting the situation of bad guys taking advantage of stealing goods.
- Self-defense items: Some self-defense items are not only necessary when you travel to India but anywhere such as pepper spray, discharge pen ... however, according to aviation industry regulations, These items are not allowed on board; After arriving, if you find a place to buy, please bring it!

The note to remember during a safe trip to India
In addition to notes about clothing, body kit before the trip; In order for the trip to India to go smoothly, you need to pay attention to the following:
- Move:
+ When going to the airport in India, instead of climbing any taxi in the beach, you should go to the taxi counter and book in advance. This will help you understand the driver's company name, the driver's name and license plate. When in the car try to contact relatives, even pretending to be calling; In that conversation, you inform the current situation, read the driver's name, the car number to your relatives and must make sure the driver hears it.
+ If traveling by train: You should buy the top bed ticket, although it is inconvenient if you need to buy food and drinks but with the number of people getting on and off the train continuously around the clock, on the upper floor will avoid less attention. Not necessarily for you and also easier to pay attention to your belongings.
Experience of safe Indian travel for women when using public transport is, always ask if there are compartments reserved for women. If not, you should choose to sit next to a woman. Attention should not travel by public transport at night or during the secluded time. When the car is crowded, pay attention to your bag / purse. If possible, you can catch an auto richshaw - similar to the old one. 
- Communication: 
A female tourist traveling to India should not make eye contact or gossip or laugh with strange men as it may be mistaken as a sexual signal. Especially the habit of some people when traveling, seeing the local people gathered in groups often talk to local people, but this case should be avoided. If a stranger finds a way to start a conversation, you should find a way to stay away or move to crowded places.
+ Note, shaking your head in India can be understood as "I agree" so do not arbitrarily use this body language!
- Stay: 
+ Should choose to stay in motels, hotels in a secure area, with a police station nearby. It is best to consult information online or from experienced people. Make sure to book your room at least the first night when you arrive so you can confidently go straight to your property as soon as you leave the station or airport.
+ No one encourages lying, but sometimes it is very necessary. If you're alone at a hotel, mention that your husband or boyfriend is coming and will check in later (of course there is no such person), and especially avoid friendly conversations with male staff. Instead, get along with any female employees. Wearing a fake wedding ring will help you a bit.
- When visiting and exploring:
+ In the group to accompany should have men.
+ When swimming in India, you should still wear shorts and T-shirt over swimwear. 
+ Minimize trips at night to avoid theft and other annoying problems. If you must go out for the evening, take a taxi, avoid walking or public transportation (remember to write down the phone number, license plate of the vehicle you board). After that, don't come home after 21:00, even if a guy is with you, because you don't know how many blue beards are out there waiting for the night!
- Eating and drinking: Do not accept food and drinks from new acquaintances, if not careful you will become a victim of an anesthetic drug robbery or robbery.
A very important last note is that if traveling India for the first time, if possible, go with a group of friends, otherwise choose the form of tour to ensure the best safety.
Despite its many complexities, India is also a very beautiful and interesting country, do not forget to pocket the safety tips above to visit India, even if you are female and alone.

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