To Sikkim India: Heaven on earth

Sikkim India is the 22nd state of India, bordering Bhutan, Nepal and Tibet. The Himalayas surrounding the northern, eastern and western borders of Sikkim make this place feel majestic and wild.
This region of Sikkim India  once belonged to Nepal, until 1975, it was united with India, so the official language in Sikkim is Nepalese, in addition to 10 other common languages ​​including Brother.

To Sikkim India: Heaven on earth(Photo: @ fashion.imphal)

Sikkim India: The land of mountains and monasteries

The Indian state of Sikkim is located on the Himalayas, with Kangchenjunga peaks towering in the sky, making anyone obsessed with its pride and bravado. Kangchenjunga peak is located right on the border of Nepal - Sikkim is the third highest in the world and is the highest peak in Sikkim.

In any village, there are several monasteries that follow the tradition of Vajrayana. If you are a pilgrim, then this is a land not to be missed, everywhere the flag of prayer brightly fluttering in the wind brings a sense of peace and relaxation. The red robes fluttering on the street, in the monastery and the praying echoes make the whole space deposited in the low tones of joy and peace.
Large Buddha statues are carved at the top of the hill so that everyone can pray and spread their faith and love. The monasteries with names that have gone into history such as Pemayangste, Rumtek, Dubdi, Lachen ... make many non-Buddhists curious and come to admire with respect.

How to go to Sikkim India?

The shortest route from Vietnam to Sikkim is to fly to Kolkata and then take domestic flights to Sikkim, or any Indian international airport that has flights to Sikkim.
Unlike other areas of India, to go to Sikkim India  , in addition to the usual Indian visa, you must apply for a Restricted Area Permit (ILP), but it is not too difficult to get this license. If tourists book a tour through a travel agency, they will take care of this procedure, otherwise go to the government website to fill out and print the temporary license, whenever the Sikkim territory has a barie bar, military The team will check the license and stamp the passport.
If anyone wants to find themselves the silence of the mountains with the warmth of the indigenous people, the state of Sikkim is clearly the perfect choice. Is this also a happy land not known by many people?

What's in Sikkim India?

When visiting India , in addition to other famous landmarks, this place is also an extremely attractive place to visit every year. Sikkim India has picturesque landscapes with glaciers, glaciers at the top of mountains, grasslands and wildflowers in the plains and dense pine forests along the mountainsides.
North of Sikkim are lakes on the peaks like Gurudongmar Lake, a field called Flower Valley, the famous Khangchendzonga National Park, Fambong Lho Wildlife Sanctuary, Maenam, Singba Rhododendron, etc. Sikkim's impressive landscape attracts many explorers, mountaineers and wildlife lovers.
The culture here is also very diverse, clearly shown in festivals and food. Every month of the year there will be an anniversary day with fairs and festivals lasting a few days. The cuisine here is a subtle combination of three different sects. You can enjoy the local traditional dishes with a bit of influence from the cuisine of neighboring Nepal and West Bengal such as thupka soup, momos meat dumplings, phagshapas casseroles, ...
Besides, if you're looking for local handicrafts like hand-woven scarves or wooden wind chimes, this is the place for you. The markets here sell everything from traditional Tibetan clothes to beautiful handmade souvenirs.
The best time to visit Sikkim India  is in the summer, from March to July because the weather is very pleasant at that time. With the warm air, the high peaks looming in the clouds and the fields of orchids and wildflowers everywhere, Sikkim will make you unforgettable.
Sikkim India  - heaven on Indian soil is a place of poetic beauty, close to nature. If you have the opportunity to visit India, you should come to Sikkim to admire the wonderful beauty of this place.

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