Indian Lotus Temple - a masterpiece of human architecture

If you've ever been to Australia and fallen in love with the architecture of Sydney's Opera Seashell Theater, then definitely you have to come to the Lotus Temple of India to see what a masterpiece is.
India is the cradle of many major religions so the country possesses many impressive architectural works on religion. Besides the famous Taj Mahal temple ,  the Indian Lotus Temple is also a place not to be missed when visiting this South Asian country.

Introducing the Indian Lotus Temple

The Indian Lotus Temple , also known as the Bahá'í Church , is located on the Temple Road in Bahapur, near Nehru Place, south of New Delhi, India. The temple was started in 1980 and completed in 1986 under the design of famous architect Fariborz Sabha - Canadian-Iranian.

Indian Lotus Temple - a masterpiece of human architectureThe temple has extremely delicate architecture (Image @irenegomuu)

On 1/1987, the Lotus Temple of India was opened to visitors. Like other Bahá'í faith churches , this temple welcomes everyone, regardless of your religion or degree and gender.
Not only is one of the 8 sacred temples of the Baha'í Community, Hoa Sen Temple  also won many important architectural awards as ranked third among the largest and most unique architectures in the world, even It has even appeared in many publications, documentaries and even postage stamps ... and became a place that attracts a lot of tourists when traveling to India .

Unique architecture of Indian Lotus Temple

As the name implies, the Indian Lotus Temple has the shape of a huge, beautiful lotus flower opening to welcome the new millennium. The first impression that this temple leaves you is the shape quite similar to Sydney Opera House. However, the outer shell of the temple is designed to form lotus petals.
The designer chose the lotus symbol to design the temple, not other flowers, because the lotus symbolizes purity, tenderness and spiritual significance to many religions in the world.
With 27 lotus petals in white marble with 3 rows, each row has 9 stylized lotus petals making the dome of the corridor, making patterns on the door forming a unique architectural style, if viewed from the top to the throne The Indian Lotus temple will look like a white lotus flower floating on a clear blue lake.
The temple is nearly 40m high, occupies an area of ​​about 105,000 m2 and can accommodate up to 2500 people. To create this masterpiece requires very high technology and a huge number of people up to 800 engineers, technicians, artisans and workers for nearly a decade.
The space where Indian Lotus Temple is also very spacious and airy. The elegant garden with meticulously trimmed trees and lush green lawns around the entrance makes the temple feel strangely peaceful and peaceful. 
The highlight of this garden is the nine small green lakes surrounding the main temple, symbolizing the nine leaves of the lotus as well as bringing the cool feeling to the whole temple.

Activities not to be missed when coming to Indian Lotus temple

As followers of religions, the Indian Lotus Temple is a place you cannot ignore it. You can come here to pray or chant, this service will be held periodically at the temple at 10 o'clock, 15 hours and 17 hours.
If you just come here to visit and admire, you can also stand in the outside corridor to hear the prayers of different religions, including Buddhism and Hinduism, you will surely find your heart. 
The most beautiful temple in New Delhi  is also a place with many beautiful angles for you to have impressive photos. You can stand at the entrance, in the lush garden or even in the beautiful small lakes that make you look beautiful and sparkling.
If you have the opportunity to visit the Indian Lotus Temple in the evening when the temple has been lit up, you will surely be amazed at the shimmer of this light, it is like a brilliant lotus. 
After visiting the temple, you definitely do not miss other interesting destinations in southern Delhi such as Hauz Khas village, Lajpat Nagar market with countless cheap clothes or Dilli Haat market - famous tourist market sell lots of souvenirs

Some notes when coming to the Indian Lotus temple

The Indian Lotus Temple is open daily except Mondays, starting at 9am until sunset. In the winter, from October to the end of March, the temple is closed at 17:30, and in the summer, from April to the end of September, the temple is closed at 19:00. This temple is free to open. However, when entering the temple, you must take off your shoes and do not take photos or record videos.
The beauty of the Indian Lotus Temple is one that cannot be portrayed with images or writing. So, you definitely have to come here once in your life so that young people have nothing to regret. 

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