When traveling to India, don't miss the famous Red Fort

Just about 2.5 km from the Taj Mahal, the Red Fort is a UNESCO World Heritage site in 2007. And this is also a place to attract many tourists. 

About the Red Fort fortress

Red Fort Fort , also known by the indigenous people as Lal Qila, is located in the bustling downtown New Delhi on the banks of the Yamuna River. 
Red Fort Fort is the palace for the Mughal emperor in Shahjahanabad, known as the red fort because the construction was built with giant walls of sandstone. The fortress has a 16-meter-high, double-walled fins, this place was once called the terrestrial paradise in the 17th century, by the quintessential combination of three architectural schools, India, Islamic Iran and Western architecture. 
Along with the Taj Mahal , the red fortress is famous for its elegance with marble, and silver and a large amount of jewels built. Through the change of time, the treasures inevitably lost, some palaces originally built were ruined but the remaining traces of the citadel still leave a deep impression on with people and international visitors. 

Architecture of the Fort Red Fort

Inside the Fort Red Fort , each architectural building with its own functions for the ancient Indian royal family is interesting stories about the prosperity of an ancient Shah Jahan dynasty. Under the rule of the Mughal dynasty, whenever a king came to the throne, he had his own royal ways, showing power and supremacy through the royal court. The Red Fort is the same, where the tide was built with continuous arch architecture, in the middle of the building is a high stone pedestal made of white marble with gemstones inlaid. 

Go to India and don't miss the famous Red Fort(Photo: @andy_toji)

The splendor and sophistication of the beauty of each architectural building in Red Fort is considered a symbol of power, prosperity and above all, timeless architectural artistic values.

A round of exploring the Fort Red Fort

The bustle and crowds at the main entrance of the Red Fort fortress partly tell the attraction of this place. After waiting in line to pass through the security checkpoint, you can "hire" tour guides waiting to let you explore and tell the history and architecture of each room in the room. 
To visit all of this place, you will have to spend about 2 hours, going through many different suites with different uses such as the king's reign, prayer house, cafeteria, ... Each place has its own beauty and architecture that contributes to creating a "terrestrial paradise". The best time to visit Fort Red Fort that day is about 10 am, at which time you can see the rays of sunlight through the very beautiful windows. Please pay attention to the time and arrange your  travel to India  in a reasonable way.
Going further inside, you will feel how small people are when surrounded by towering walls of walls to protect the Fortress from huge red sandstone, neatly arranged, it is difficult to penetrate.
Stepping out of those extravagant lavish rooms was a large garden, the day before this garden was planted with beautiful vines. Then came an old yard where weekend markets often took place so that people could exchange and trade agricultural products and products together. 
Walk through this campus and you have reached the exit of the Red Fort fortress , read it, you may encounter many small squirrels, trotting across the road or on the surrounding branches. Looks like eyes very much. 

Some note when coming to Fort Red Fort

Red Fort Red Fort tickets have 2 prices for international visitors is about 550 ruppee equivalent to about 179,000 VND, and domestic visitors are about 40 ruppee equivalent to about 13,000 VND. 
- The fort is open from 6am to 6pm, but the fact is that the opening time is at least 3pm. So you should take time to come here.
- When inside the fortress, you should only bring simple backpacks or bags. Because in India, when you enter temples, you cannot bring things like food, toys, makeup, ... and of course dangerous things like knives, scissors, lighters, it is impossible to carry. You can also bring a camera, but flycam is not allowed. 
It is true that "hundreds of hearing is not visible to your eyes", you should immediately go to Red Fort to learn about this famous fortress as well as spend a slow day living among the crowded crowd to hear more about the country's history, Indian people. 

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