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Travel experience Karnataka - beautiful state of India

Travel experience Karnataka - beautiful state of India

If you want to find a truly new beauty of India, do not hesitate to do a tour of Karnataka to explore the ancient and poetic state of this wonderful country.
A state located in southern India, nestled on the Laccadive Sea and the beautiful Arabian Sea, Karnataka was established in 1956 with an area of ​​192,000 km2 and a coastline of up to 320km. In particular, the perfect combination of the picturesque natural scenery and the ancient beauty of the historical heritage make this place become an attractive tourist destination of India.

Destinations not to be missed when traveling Karnataka

Bangalore city 

As the capital as well as the fastest growing and prosperous industrial center of the state of Karnataka in particular and India in general, Bangalore prides itself on showing off to visitors because of its luxurious and modern beauty.
Traveling to the dynamic city of Bangalore , in addition to being able to feel a vibrant and hustle life, you can also visit many of the luxurious buildings of heaven like Europe: the fairy Bangalore palace, the building. the magnificent Vidhana Soudha government and the magnificent Sultan Tipu's Summer Palace ...
Besides, do not forget to drop by Cubbon park, which is considered as the green lung of the city with countless rare plants and fresh, fresh air, which will definitely be an extreme picnic spot. Ideal for your Karnataka trip .

Hampi city

Contrary to the modernity of Bangalore, the city of Hampi is located on the banks of the romantic Tungabhadra river with more than 500 historic sites built from the 14th century that will take you back in time to the past to admire. masterpieces of ancient architecture.

Travel experience Karnataka - beautiful state of India Many impressive ancient buildings (Photo @writuparna_nath)

The beauty and mystery of the intricate and intricate carvings of the intricate carvings on the walls, steps or pillars of these historic buildings have made them recognized as a UNESCO Heritage Site. World culture needs to be preserved and preserved.
The typical buildings that you should visit when traveling to Karnataka in Hampi are Virupaksha temple, Vijaya Vittala temple, Achyutaraya temple and Elephant Stables area ...
In addition, you can also enjoy your interesting holiday on the romantic Hippie Island or join the joyful, bustling festivals of this beautiful old city.


Not as prominent as Bangalore or Hampi but Mysore is also a place you should visit when traveling to Karnataka India .
The main attraction of this city is Mysore Palace - one of the most magnificent and lavish Royal buildings in India, which is also an attraction to many visitors every year, just behind the Taj Mahal. .
The architecture of the Mysore Castle is a harmonious blend of Hindu, Mughal, Rajput and Gothic styles with pink marble domes and extremely eye-catching mirror glass. Therefore, if you ignore this wonderful program, your visit to Karnataka will become very flawed.

Gokarna town

If you want to feel India in a different angle, no longer ancient, quiet by historical buildings, the town of Gokarna is a destination that you cannot ignore.
Located in the northern state of Karnataka, bordering the Arabian Sea, Gokarna with clear coves, blue beaches, poetic white sand and golden cliffs undulating all strange shapes ... will make the journey Your Karnataka calendar becomes more memorable.
Coming here, immersed in the cool, blue water, to experience with a surfing game that stimulates, ... moreover, admire a very charming and peaceful sunset with mountains, plants and water waves, will certainly make all sorrow melt away soon.
For the spiritual believers, the sacred Mahabaleshwara temple worshiping the goddess Shiva in Gokarna will be your ideal destination.

Coorg area

Coorg or Kodagu is a beautiful mountainous area in southern Karnataka, near the cities of Bangalore and Mysore.
Famous for its lush green coffee gardens and picturesque white waterfalls, the Coorg area will be the ideal base for those who love nature and want to enjoy a fresh, fresh space outdoors.

The ideal time to travel Karnataka

Karnataka has a relatively favorable climate, the summers are not too hot and the winters are cool, especially from October to January when the weather is the best so it is suitable for you to plan your trip. Karnataka tourist interesting.
From June to September is the time when this area is under the heaviest monsoon, it is easy to rain and storm making your trip very difficult. So, please think carefully before starting the trip.

Where to eat, rest when traveling to Karnataka


The cuisine of the state of Karnataka is quite rich, meeting the needs of both vegetarians and non-vegetarians.The flavor of the dishes is also strongly influenced by neighboring countries, so it is also very diverse.
Famous dishes that you should try when traveling in Karnataka are: pork curry in Kodava, lady fish - Kane fry in Mangalore, curry Dosa Pandi in Bijapur, BaaLaka - light snacks made from vegetables and chips crunchy, Mysore pak desserts and Shavige payasa or Kaapi coffee ...


As a popular tourist destination, hotels (from affordable to high-end), motels, rental apartments as well as hostels here are very popular.
You can choose to stay in motels in Bandipur and Nagarhole wildlife sanctuaries or luxury resorts such as: Le Meridien Hotel in downtown Bangalore, Quality Inn Southern Star hotel in Mysore or guests. Hasan Ashok Hotel ...

Transportation when traveling Karnataka

The state of Karnataka has four domestic airports and two international airports that connect well with the rest of India and the rest of the world, the most famous being the Bengaluru International Airport. Therefore, it is easy for you to book a direct flight to Karnataka.
To get around in Karnataka state, you can use the bus, taxi, bullet train or train. The transportation network here is very developed, so please rest assured while traveling.

Some note when traveling Karnataka

- Maintain your personal belongings carefully, especially in crowded places, it is best to bring a backpack and wear it on the front.
Travel in Karnataka  in a group, if you are not a local or do not know the local language.
- Try to learn a few terms of the local language to easily communicate with indigenous people during the tour.
- Bring necessary medicine and a sufficient amount of water if traveling in the summer.
Hopefully, with the above sharing, you will have a  meaningful and interesting Karnataka India trip !

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