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Trekking Chadar India, the world's most dangerous road in South Asia captures any traveler!
India is not only famous for the historical works associated with culture, beliefs, religions recognized as world cultural heritage. This country also has a strong attraction for those who love the experience of exploring and exploring by India's trekking route of Chadar - dubbed the hellish journey to take down anyone!
Chadar Chadar India trekking road is 150km long with wild, majestic natural scenery, considered as the most spectacular beauty of this country and also the wildest road in the world. 
The Chadar Trek is a winter-only pathway that runs along the frozen river from the Zanskar valley, connecting the remote village of Zanskar with the town of Leh in the state of Ladakh , in northern India. The trail is known as one of the hardest trails in India to feature breathtaking vistas, from glaciers to half-river rapids and caves. 

Across this trail, you must cross the Zanskar glacier, because the ice can burst suddenly so the only way to continue the journey is to follow the slippery rocky road next to the river. Sleeping in cold caves requires the iron will of conquering enthusiasts. 

The most ideal time for trekking Chadar in India

It is in the middle of winter, when the temperature is at its coldest, the ice is thick, less likely to break when passing, and now conquerors will have to use less climbing equipment that can move on flat runway. Exactly around January 15, when the road began to open for guests, the Chadar expedition opened from January 15 to the end of February.
In the winter, most of Ladakh's mountains are blocked by heavy snowfall, and walking on the frozen Zanskar river is the only way you can experience it. This route was also used when the Tibetans settled in Ladakh nearly 1,000 years ago. Save your experience of exploring India and schedule your upcoming trekking!

The 'hell's journey' knocked down anyone

It takes about 14 days to trekking the road, including 4 days to adapt to weather conditions and the lack of oxygen, It is important to do the thought, because this is the most difficult trip of Ladakh, and will face unpredictable dangers before crossing the slippery rocky valley.

Chadar India trekking trailIt will take you 14 days to prepare and conquer this road

And walking on a glacier, perhaps the most unforgettable experience during the Indian trekking trip of Chadar , because, the vast river bed, if unfortunately the ice cracks open, the water rises, you will be swallowed in a vortex that is hard to escape.
Local guides - who are residents of the region pass so easily to 'indifference', fortunately there are no bad cases happening and it will become both a surprise and an unforgettable memory. However, the smooth ice surface makes it difficult to move but makes it easier to carry luggage and fitment.
Also, don't forget to hire a carrier for your Chadar expedition. You have to carry a lot of luggage with you on this 14-day expedition, which can take a lot of effort. It is better to hire a local carrier to share your luggage with you. You can hire locals anywhere from INR 50,000. 
The Zanskari people consider this a sacred path and often tell their descendants folk tales about this path. At the same time, they also told them that the cold of the negative is the blessing of the gods, and the gods created an ice road to help Zanskari people can survive in the harshest period of the year.
And so on, the sacred path of the Zanskari people has been known to the world as "the most arduous journey". This also helps Chadar become a developed tourist destination in India. The influx of tourists began to flock to Zanskar, after the BBC broadcast the Human Planet program back to the lives of the Zanskari people. At the same time, travel guide books continue the trend and build Chadar image as an ideal destination for adventure travelers.
There are not many trekking roads in the world, overwhelmed by waterfalls, the surface of the river is so frozen that it can clearly reflect the silhouette of the sky like the Chadar Indian trekking . Along with the dangers always lurking, the original experience of sleeping in the cave in negative weather, that's why, this place becomes a must-do destination before you die!
And the world's most dangerous Indian trekking road, Chadar , has become the desire of many travelers to once conquer and test perseverance!

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