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Experience in Leh Ladakh – Tibet on Earth Indies

Experience in Leh Ladakh – Tibet on Earth Indies

There are many tours, tourist activities in Ladakh India: Explore tours, tour biking, trekking, rafting... If you are new to the first time, there are no Indian travel experiences that should only go to the Discovery Tour to learn about the life and people of Ladakh.

1. Arriving at Ladakh India at what time is most convenient?

From May 5 to Oct. This is the best time because there are no snowfall, roads are routed. From June 11 to April 4, the India Ladakh has dense snowfall and roads from Leh to destinations such as khardung Pass (5,600 m), Pangong Lake (4,300 m), all frozen, not accessible. If you are interested in winter, there are also tours on the glaciers such as Chadar trek, or the Spiti valley.

According to the experience of India Tourism, the month is still cold but a very beautiful apricot blossom season, 5 months is the desi season from Mumbai, New Delhi and holiday in Ladakh. Months 6, 7, 8, 9 are foreign tourists season. Also during this period there are many motorbike tours from other parts to Ladakh but will be very crowded, all of which are all motorcycling across the road. October 10 is autumn, the villages like the Turtuk are steeped in beautiful gold leaves.

2. How does India VISA please?

India allows visa online to be very convenient. The visa fee is 70 USD (up from the beginning of May 7, the 5 month period itself is 50 USD), which is 60 days with two entry times. Visa may be as early as 3 months and as late as 2 weeks before travel. Be sure to prepare the photo (square size) and scan your Passport (PDF file below 300 KB) to apply.
When paying remember not to choose payment by card, because it looks like the link between banks is not yet good, which should choose SBIePay, connecting to PayPal account should be much more convenient. When you fill in the information, it may take some time, but if you miss the information that is busy doing anything else, you can still save it, then remember the code to enter the next time. You in Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City can get a visa directly at the embassy or consulate. If this is the cost of 100 USD, the visa is limited to 1 year. Please be sure to print with your visa online for procedures when arriving at the airport.
In addition to visa, when entering some parts of Ladakh You also need a license. If you follow the tour, the travel agency will ask you to help. If anyone goes, go to any travel office, they will help. It costs approximately USD 9 per person for a 7 day deadline.

3. What media to travel?

Du lịch Ladakh Ấn ĐộNew Delhi Airport is great and very nice

From Vietnam must fly in transit to Bangkok, Singapore or Kuala Lumpur and fly to New Delhi, looking for tickets on the booking sites. From New Delhi to Leh it is possible to travel by car, motorbike, but the most convenient still aircraft. There are many carriers from New Delhi to Leh such as JetAirways, Vistara, SpiceJet, Go Air, Air India... You should go to Air India, JetAirways, Vistara as the airline flies to fly from Terminal 3, in the international terminal, and other carriers, you must move through Terminal 1 domestic terminals. The great New Delhi Airport, moving from Terminal 1 and Terminal 3 takes 30 minutes, of course the free shutter bus nha.
When you fly from New Delhi to Leh, be sure to sit next to the window. The sun will be up from the right side, so if there is a good camera that can shoot sunrise, please sit on the right. If you just take a picture of the Snow Mountain, sit on the left. But if "cylinder" is a bit more, you just see this side, let's get up to see the other side. There are so many people who do the same, the staff is also familiar, so they have fun saying nothing, guests on the plane who are also happy to give the seat to the Himalayas, but remember to be "polite, happy", if the other passengers are very uncomfortable.

4. What is the discovery of the Indian to Ladakh Leh?

The Indian and the J & K Leh are many interesting points. But the basic journey that AI to the first one was also recommended for 7 days, 6 nights.

The first day of the rest in Leh was gradual. The second day just goes the same point as Thiksey Monastery since the 15th century, being one of the largest and most beautiful monasteries of the Indian Ladakh. This is also where he reaches the 14th Dalai Lama every day when Ladakh organizes the festival.
The Secmol school, which is considered to have special education. The school is renowned for its training on solar energy use. Is the place to train a lot of talent for India, with many technical invention, but the life of the Secmol teacher is completely relying on nature, not being dependent on technology. I admire the Secmol school's teacher.
Japanese Temple – Shanti Stupa – also known as the Peace Tower. Listening to the construction of Peace Tower is an operation for the spirit of world peace and non-violence. The tower is 38 m, the bottom diameter 36 m and the arch diameter 20 m, the whole is painted white. You can enjoy the panoramic view of Leh town.

40 km from Leh town, the world's highest pass – the high-altitude khardung pass 5,600 m. This is one of the check-in spots that anyone going to Ladakh also has to come for, to know that he has been to the highest pass in the world, where the snow-covered mountains are all over the last thousand years.
After crossing Khardung Pass, it is 120 km further to Nubra, a very beautiful valley. In Nubra There are many camps for tourists to stay in. There is no electricity, no wifi but the scenery is very beautiful, very peaceful, spoiled to enjoy the moments. Nubra also has a camel ride between the immense desert of sand.
To the village of Turtuk bordering Pakistan border to explore the life of a hidden village. The Turtuk lived separate from the outside world, seeing strangers as they covered the face and not wanting to be photographed. So you have to be careful to bring the camera up that they oppose harshly.
Pangong Lake -The last footage in the famous three Idiots movie (3 fools). Pangpong Lake is very large, the water color changes with the sky but almost all the blue is beautiful. The lake is 4,300 meters tall, though sunny but standing beside the lake for a while is very cold. There are a lot of tents around the lake, and there is a hotel. It is best for you to rent a hotel because at an altitude of 4,300 m, night temperatures can be down to the temperature, very cold.
The word Pangong crosses the second highest peak of Changla in the world (5,200 m) to return to Leh. One more day is going through the paths that are beautiful to the heart, there are white glaciers. Feeling the head of the sun's feet on the ice is magical.
Take Lamayuru Moonland (moon terrain) and visit the Lamayuru monastery located 120 km from Leh. On the way, it will stop watching the tributary of the Indus River (which comes from Tibet) and the Zanskar (India) into the Indus River flowing through Pakistan.
On the way back will visit the Alchi Monastery, the 11-century convent and Magnetic Hill. The road in Magnetic Hill is considered the most beautiful street. The group was interested in standing in the midst of a commemorative shot because the next day was to leave Ladakh.
Those who have more time can go to the Zanskar Valley, Lake Moriri... In general, Ladakh has many points to explore.

5. What should I prepare before arriving at Leh Ladakh India?

According to the Indian travel experience of many others, a half-month brain activation drug should be taken before going. Two days before going to remember to take the anti-shock pill Diamox, or the drug has Acetazolamide is, and still maintains drink every day 2 tablets until leaving Ladakh Nhé. Also remember to bring moisturizers, sunscreen, lip balm, Vaseline smeared, UV resistant sunglasses, many warm coats. You do not feel well and the possibility of lack of oxygen to Leh to rent oxygen tank before going to the higher. The rental price for 4 days is 2,000 rupees (about 700,000 VND).
The weather in Ladakh is harsh, sunny Day Chang Chang, but the wind is horrible, especially at the top of the pass. The night is cold. Also because the temperature difference is too high, you are allergic to skin. You are afraid of allergies then ask to buy pills first. In addition, if you are a poor drinkthen you should bring some Vietnamese food such as shrimp noodles, floss. But we encourage you to try your snacks, and the custom joins
Above is a bit of Indian travel experience, especially visit the Indian Leh Ladakh during this time trip. Share with US destinations in India you love!

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