'Forget the way home' before the beauty of the Chandra Mahal Palace in India

Chandra Mahal Palace - the famous Royal architecture of Jaipur is a place you should not miss when traveling to India.

About Chandra Mahal Palace in India

Chandra Mahal is a palace building on a high hill on the western edge of the City Palace in Jaipur, Rajassthan state, India.
The building was formed at the time of birth of the pink city of Jaipur, in the 19th century, at the request of King Jai Singh II, to be the residence of the Maharaja family while they were in office.
After many renovations and renovations of the Chandra Mahal Palace or Chandra Niwas became the famous sights of the Jaipur capital next to the Wind Palace and attracts thousands of visitors every year.

The architecture of the Chandra Mahal palace

The Chandra Mahal Palace welcomes visitors with 4 gates representing 4 different seasons and decorated with different flowers: Leheriya gate represents the brilliant spring, the green gate symbolizes the summer, the Peacock gate associated with romantic autumn and finally the rose gate is the winter is not cold.
This building is not only the oldest building in the City Palace complex but also a rare building built in the traditional Rajasthan architecture in harmony with the Mughal culture.
The entire Chandra Niwas palace is elaborately built of red sandstone and is decorated with many motifs, intricate and delicate patterns, bringing intimacy to the viewer and has 7 floors - the number is considered to be lucky. The luck of Rajput's time, and also 7 different stories, adorned with outstanding paintings, drawings and sculptures ... expresses the royal elegance.
The first floor was built into the Maharaja Sawai Singh II museum with a collection of manuscripts of the king or ancient rugs and royal artifacts waiting for you to explore. 
In particular, all the pillars, ceilings or walls are engraved with patterns with red, blue, and gold sparkling like gems, standing here makes us feel like being transformed into a noble. 
The second floor of the Chandra Mahal palace is made into the Sukh Niwas hall (the house of joy), featuring orange-red tones and sophisticated white patterns, combined with a large chandelier like a flower. 
Moreover, not only tourists but also the couple of brides and grooms can use this "luxurious - fine - smooth" background to create extremely "cool", extremely impressive photos.
The 3rd floor is an area dedicated to royal dining and painting. The fourth floor of Ranga Mahal (Shobha Niwas) impresses visitors with the mirror-mounted works on the walls and stained glass, and the paintings and flowers decorated throughout the room create a vivid reflection.
In addition, it is also known as the room containing beauty, because in the evening when it lights up, it will become sparkling like thousands of sparkling stars. And perhaps that also made this castle have another beautiful name is " Moonlight Palace ".
Chavi Niwas 5th floor - the residence of Maharaja during the rainy season with eye-catching blue and white frescoes will also be an ideal check-in location for virtual waves.

'Forget the way home' before the beauty of the Chandra Mahal Palace in IndiaDivine check corner (Photo @helloomelissa)
Coming to the 6th floor of Shri Niwas of the Chandra Mahal Palace, you will be able to see the beautiful scenery of the majestic undulating mountains around Jaipur and enjoy the cool breeze.
The 7th floor of Mukut Mandir - the highest floor of the building so it is considered as a splendid and shining crown of "Princess Chandra Mahal".
In addition, you can also easily catch two flags of the Maharaja royal family and of the British Queen on top of the building.
Before returning, be sure not to drop by the two famous structures on the grounds of Jaipur Palace, the Bhaggi Khana building, which showcases European coaches, palanquins and taxis to serve the old royal family and Mubarak Mahal Auspicious Palace. The beauty of these constructions will certainly not disappoint you.

How to move to Chandra Mahal palace

If not in Jaipur, you can use trains from famous cities of India such as Delhi, Agra, Mumbai ... to get to Jaipur Railway Station or travel by plane to Jaipur Sanganer airport depending on your situation. 
After that, you can use a taxi to go straight to the Chandra Mahal palace or take a bus then get off at Choti Chopad station and walk into the palace. Buses and taxis operate continuously so you don't need to worry.
The entrance fee to the palace gate is 700 rupees.
If you love the ancient Royal architecture, the Chandra Mahal Palace of India is an ideal destination for you.

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