Galtaji Temple - unique 'Monkey temple' in Jaipur India

Besides the splendid palaces, the pink city of Jaipur is also famous for ancient temples with unique architecture, including the Galtaji temple.

About the Galtaji temple

Galtaji is an ancient Hindu pilgrimage site, located on Galta hill, also known as Monkey Valley because there are many monkeys living, in the town of Khania-Balaji, away from the pink city of Jaipur , Rajasthan state of India about 10 km.

According to MM Ninan - a famous author of Hinduism, Galtaji Temple has a dedicated area for Lord Shiva dating from 600 AD, and it is also believed that a Saint named Galav lived , practicing meditation and penance here, so this is also a very sacred temple in India. Therefore, people here, especially Hindus always consider this temple an important pilgrimage place, not to be missed.

The magnificent architecture of Galtaji temple

Unlike other temples, Galtaji Monkey Temple is hugged on both sides by two mountains, in front of a clear lake creating a pristine landscape that is surprisingly majestic.

Galtaji Temple - unique 'Monkey temple' in Jaipur IndiaThe clear lake makes the scene even more attractive (Image @connieandluna)

The architecture of the temple is quite similar to the palaces in Jaipur with 3 floors and many arc-shaped arches supported by large pillars so that the light can penetrate deep inside without having to use the ball. 
The interior is also meticulously and meticulously decorated with beautiful murals and paintings from Indian mythology and Hindu religion on the walls as well as on the ceiling. What is particularly mesmerizing in this architecture is the use of canopies, nets, windows, nibs combined together in a novel style but still extremely eye-catching.
The colors of white, red, blue and yellow are also very sophisticatedly coordinated, making visitors to Galtaji temple feel like they are lost in a sparkling royal palace.
In particular, you can freely pose and take photos because any corner here can give you a stunning and luxurious photo.
If you like, you can also visit the nearby temple buildings to visit and explore, although all are ancient temples but its magnificent beauty and architecture will also make you fascinated. 

How to get to Galtaji temple

Galtaji Temple is surrounded by hills on all three sides, so you can reach the temple by a hill path through a beautiful alley called Ghat Ki Guni. This route is quite close to the city and is basically a pedestrian route.
If you don't like the path for pedestrians but want to use public transport or Tuk-Tuk, it's best to choose the route via Galta Gate. However, this road will be longer, it is about 10-12 km from the city center.

Ideal time to visit the Galtaji Indian Temple

The best time to visit Galtaji ancient temple  is in the morning or afternoon, because the weather is quite cool, convenient for your sightseeing and photography.
If you are lucky enough to come to the time of Aarti - a special prayer day with a good meaning of Hinduism, you can come to the temple to pray for good and good things for yourself and your family. You can even take a dip in the holy water of Galta Kund.
However, the time of Aarti at Galtaji Temple is usually not fixed, it varies from season to year and from year to year based on the Hindu calendar so if you want to come to this date, you must check on the internet first.

Some note when visiting Galtaji temple

As " monkey temple ", you will definitely see the presence of monkeys everywhere. However, they are wild monkeys so once provoked they will be very aggressive in response and may bite you back.
So definitely do not bring any food with you. It is best to keep it in your pocket, away from prying eyes of the monkeys. Once they are seen and not eaten they may attack you.
You may come across a guide or a local who will give you the opportunity to shake hands, take pictures with a monkey or provide bananas or peanuts for you to feed the monkeys, but this behavior is very unsafe.
Going to Galtaji India temple will not cost you to visit, but if you bring a camera or phone to take pictures or videos you will have to pay 50 rupees / item.
If you are a believer of spirituality, and also love the strange ancient ants, Galtaji Temple  is a destination that you should visit when traveling India.

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