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'Get lost' to the beauty of tourist attractions in Udaipur India

'Get lost' to the beauty of tourist attractions in Udaipur India

When summer comes, everyone's family is planning to travel, do not be afraid to go to the tourist destinations in Udaipur - known as the "Venice of the East" to experience an exciting summer. 
Udaipur is a small city located in the middle of the Aravalli Mountains, in the western Indian state of Rajasthan, bordering the southwest of the pink city of Jaipur and northeast of Ahmedabad. With a pleasant climate and a romantic, harmonious beauty of the undulating hills and mountains, clear blue lakes and pure white houses, this place attracts many tourists to visit each year. Therefore, the tourist attractions in Udaipur also make tourists fascinated.

1. City Palace - the most famous tourist attraction in Udaipur

As a city of palaces, it would be remiss if you missed Udaipur's City Palace complex on your tour with 2 palace hotels and a Palace museum.
Designed with the mission of protecting the king and the people from enemies, its architecture is not only a typical splendor and luxury of a castle but also magnificent and firm as a castle. try. Each room in the palace has a unique décor with different colors and patterns, making visitors feel like they are lost in a unique and impressive art museum.

'Get lost' to the beauty of tourist attractions in Udaipur IndiaEach room is a different style (Photo @colorfulbonvoyage)

Moreover, due to being built on a hill, the City Palace is also an ideal place for you to fully capture the shimmering beauty of White Udaipur city as well as many other impressive architectural works such as : Jagdish temple, Jag Mandir palace, ...
With the rich history and the standard beauty of the castles, the extra work that appeared in the famous James Bond Octopussy movie in 1983, the City Palace complex is always rated by tourists as a tourist destination in Udaipur the best for sightseeing.

2. Jag Mandir Palace - impressive tourist attraction in Udaipur

Jag Mandir Palace, also known as Lake Garden Palace is also one of the most attractive destinations in Udaipur. It was built in the 17th century on an island in Lake Pichola and it took three generations of Maharajas to complete. 
Not only is it elaborately invested in architecture with curved doors and large white arches, but Jag Mandir also makes visitors fascinated by the intricate sculptures on the rock and lush green gardens. Trees and clear water lake create a fresh and cool atmosphere.
With luxurious interiors and impressive architectural style, Jag Mandir Castle will give you a feeling of being rested in a luxurious and modern European sky that not all India has. From then on, this place is considered an impressive destination in Udaipur .

3. The monsoon palace - a unique tourist attraction in Udaipur

Initially this building was called Sajjangarh palace because it was built by King Maharana Sajjan Singh of Mewar dynasty, however, due to the location of the mansion is at the top of the exchange - where the first monsoon winds caught so what Monsoon Palace name (Monsoon Palace) appeared and became popular to this day.
Coming to this unique tourist destination in Udaipur , especially in the monsoon season, you will be able to admire the passing monsoon clouds, enjoy the cool breeze and above all see a fanciful sunset of Udaipur.
Moreover, with its unique, majestic and majestic architecture as a fortress in the middle of the vast nature, this palace was also favored by the director of Octopussy film starring James Bond as a backdrop as well as attracting. A lot of tourists visit every year.

4. Lake Pichola - tourist attraction in Udaipur most romantic

In addition to the lavish, splendid palaces, Udaipur also attracts visitors with the beauty of many lakes, such as Pichola.
Located in a quite nice location, near the famous tourist attractions in Udaipur such as the City Palace or Jag Mandir Palace, naturally people will be interested in Pichola more. With clear blue water and a giant mirror reflecting all the beautiful surroundings, Pichola Lake will take you into a fanciful setting like a surreal movie.
You can observe the beauty of the lake at the nearby palace buildings or on the lavish hotels by the lake, but to feel the fullest of the magnificent beauty of the lake, you should rent a boat with the price from 300 to 500 rupees, then slowly feel through every corner of the lake.
Especially the yacht in the sunset, watching the sparkling orange water under the sun, each white house covered with a layer of mellow colors and feeling each breeze gently stroking the hair, oh happy just as simple as that. Therefore, certain not to be missed attraction in Udaipur super virtual This light oil.

5. Jagdish Temple - tourist attraction in Udaipur for spiritual adherents

There are not too many temples like other parts of India but the temples in Udaipur always have a very unique beauty that attracts visitors, especially spiritual followers.
Jagdish Temple is located in the Lal Ghat area near the entrance to the City Palace and is quite old for nearly 60 years. With a pure white color and impressive architecture and meticulously carved and intricate carvings, this majestic Hindu temple makes many visitors come here to be amazed and amazed.
In the temple is placed a huge black stone statue of Lord Jagannath (an incarnation of Lord Vishnu), so sacred that it is extremely worshiped by the locals. Turn on the secret that you can visit this tourist attraction in Udaipur at dawn or dusk to admire the very unique worshiping ritual.

'Get lost' to the beauty of tourist attractions in Udaipur IndiaUnique and attractive festivals (Photo @ bhoomee_17)

If Mumbai or New Delhi is too familiar to you, then come to the tourist attractions in Udaipur to experience a very different beauty of India.

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