Shanti Stupa Stupa - the white pearl of India's 'Little Tibet'

If Ladakh is known as "Little Tibet" in the heart of India attracting many tourists to visit, the Shanti Stupa Stupa of India is one of the most visited places here.
It is also a celebration of Buddhism in India, but the unique design of Shanti Stupa Stupa that all other temples are not sure to make you enjoy.

Introducing the Shanti Stupa stupa 

The Shanti Stupa Stupa , also known as the Japanese Peace Tower, islocated at an altitude of 3,609 meters, on a steep hill in Chanspa, Leh district, Ladakh, Jammu and Kashmir states in northern India, opposite the Leh Palace. , about 5 km from Leh - the old capital of Ladakh. 

The construction of Shanti Stupa Stupa started in April 1983 under the supervision of Bhikshu Gyomyo Nakamura - a Japanese Buddhist and Kushok Bakula, who was also a member of India's Govt minority committee, the former chief guest and former international diplomat of the Republic of India.
This work was built with the help of Ladakh Buddhists, Japanese Buddhists - those who regard India as the "holy" birthplace of Buddha, voluntary workers and the state government.
After more than 8 years, in August 1991 this stupa was inaugurated and put into use for the purpose of celebrating 2,500 years of Buddhism's birth.

Shanti Stupa Stupa - a significant architectural work

Shanti Stupa Stupa is 38m high, the bottom diameter is 36m and the dome diameter is 20m with the white dome and made from marble, is a symbol of the golden image of Buddha. 
Shanti Stupa White Stupa is built in a two-level structure. The first level contains the Falun - the symbol widely used in Indian religion that depicts the "reincarnation wheel" placed in the middle and flanked by two deer-shaped statues. On the second level there are reliefs depicting the "birth" of Buddha, the death of Buddha and when Buddha "defeated the demons" during meditation.

Shanti Stupa Stupa - the white pearl of India's 'Little Tibet'The shapes are beautifully arranged and impressive (Photo @insta_apurva)

In this stupa, there are relics of Buddha, stored by the 14th Dalai Lama as the relics of Buddha at the base and at the top of the tower. In particular, on the top is also placed a glass and gold Buddha image.
It is a significant project because the Shanti Stupa stupa was built to lead a peaceful, prosperous world and celebrate 2500 years of Buddhism. It is also considered a symbol of the good relationship between the Japanese people and Ladakh. 

Experiences not to be missed when visiting Shanti Stupa stupa

Coming here, in addition to praying, the thing you can not ignore is standing on the stupa to admire the majestic and beautiful natural surroundings.
Shanti Stupa Tower is located on a high mountain, so it is not difficult to understand that standing here, you seem to be able to reach to the blue sky. 
Besides, the panoramic view of Leh city and Namgyal Tsemo Monastery in the distance as well as the majestic, lush mountains around is also extremely easy.
In particular, if standing at Shanti Stupa stupa to watch the sunrise and sunset in a romantic and romantic setting between light, sound and fresh space, the trip to India is really nothing to regret it again.
At night, when the light of the stupa lights up, the color of the giant pearl of the night light shining brightly in the vast sky will surely make you unable to move your eyes.
How did The Hindu vote the Shanti Stupa white tower as the "most popular tourist attraction" around Leh even though its architectural style is different from Ladakh's? It is true that something strange is also very attractive.
And of course, under this poetic setting, without bringing the camera right away to leave those depressing "so deep" photos, what else is interesting. Make sure that no matter how much you stand on the screen, it will sparkle all the way.
A small note is the Shanti Stupa Stupa is open to Ladakh tourists to visit between 5 am and 9 pm so make a reasonable schedule for the tour to be the most complete offline.

How to move to Shanti Stupa stupa

The starting point is Manali, you can take the bus to Ladakh, but it will take a lot of time and usually the buses will stop in Keylong town at midnight and the next you can continue. to Leh and to the top of the stupa.
The summer in Ladakh is quite short and the main tourist season here depends on whether or not it is possible to cross the Taglang La road, which is the most commonly used route.
However, in mid-September when there is the first snow, this road will not be accessible but you will only be able to visit Ladakh to visit Shanti Stupa stupa  by air.
If you are too familiar with the detailed design architecture in India, then change the look by coming to Ladakh to visit Shanti Stupa stupa to feel a very different and unique India.

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