To New Delhi Remember to visit the Qutub Minar-The Pride of India

India is a country that is more travelers set as a target for their world excursions. In it, New Delhi is one of the most popular destinations, and the famous destination is the Qutub Minar
It comes to New Delhi, where there are countless unique destinations, including the mosque, Akshardham Temple, Lodhi Gardens, presidential palace, the parliament building,,... One of the most unique, New Delhi attractions to mention is the Indian qutub Minar.

Any foreign visitor visiting India is also unable to ignore the Qutab Minar and Islamic relics around the world's tallest tower. Starting construction from 1193, the tower of Qutab Minar was constructed entirely of bricks and marble with a height of up to 72.5 meters and all of the sole was engraved with excerpts in the Quran.

In 1993, UNESCO officially recognized the Qutub Minar and several other architectures here in the "World Cultural heritage" category. The qutub Minar is regarded as one of the Seven Wonders of India, which is the pride of the Indian people, which further increases the attractions of the tower for visitors.

Architecture of the Qutub Minar

Tháp Qutb Ấn ĐộQutub Minar (Photo: @ulia_uliaa)

In 1199, King Minar – ud-din Aybak of the Delhi dynasty begins construction of the Indian qutub Minar. And until the new Year 1230 was formed. The tower is built in a unique style, when the afternoon down the tower becomes more mystical with a lot of longitudinal veins. High Tower 73m, the bottom diameter is 14, 2m, the height of the tower is smaller and the last is only 2, 7m.
The tower is divided into five floors. In the 3 lower floors of the eye-catching red sandstone tower, the old, the two upper floors are constructed of white flower stone. Inside the tower, you will admire the spiral stairs including 376 steps straight to the tower.
To date, there is still a lot of debate around the reason for building towers, someone said the Indian qutub Minar is a victory monument, there is a place for it to read the operation Minaret of the Quwwat-ul-Islam building next door is now ruined. While it is not possible to clarify the cause, these arguments increase the mystical beauty of this tallest tower in India.

Qutub Minar-The pride of the people of India

You can find the New Delhi Minar tower at Mehrauli address, New Delhi, India. The tower is open from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. for visitors. You should come here on weekdays to be immersed in the ancient, tranquil setting of the tower without too many tourists to come.
At the foot of the tower, visitors can still see the remnants of the Quwwat Ui Islam (Islamic Light) – which is believed to be the first mosque to be built in India. According to an uncle at the eastern Gate, the church was constructed with materials obtained from the destruction of 27 Hindu shrines.
Not far from the tower there is a casting iron column called the column Mirôli or Visnu pamax (Visnu's foot) high 7m molded from the 8th century in another place under the reign of me and brought to build here from the X century. This column is famous throughout the world, especially with the scientists , since the casting was far more than 2000 years without the rust in oil it stood the middle of the heavens to withstand how much storm rain sa. Listen to who is based on the Iron column Round 2 hands behind the column, touching 2 hands together, the person will encounter luck and happiness. Therefore, today there are people who stand in the Iron column to pray.
It is also the venue for the annual Minar festival held from June 11 to December 12, attracting millions of visitors to attend. Annually, the amount of tourists who visit the Tower of the Indian qutub Minar are extremely large. Even so, this tourist destination has broken the record of the Taj Mahal for visitors in 2006, with 38.5 million passengers, half as much as the Taj Mahal. Let's just wait for a backpack and come to the New Delhi minar .

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