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Tomb of Humayun - architectural masterpiece of New Delhi

Tomb of Humayun - architectural masterpiece of New Delhi

As the inspiration to build the legendary Taj Mahal, Humayun's tomb with unique architecture has always fascinated Indian tourists.

About the tomb of Humayun India

Humayun's tomb is located in Nizamuddin, east of New Delhi, India, about 20 minutes drive from New Delhi center, built under the direction of Queen Hamida Banu Begam in 1572 to honor the deceased husband. Her is the Emperor Humayun - the second king of the Mughal dynasty.
Architect Mirak Mirza Ghiyas and his son designed this great project and it took more than 8 years to complete it. This is also a great architecture of India, was recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site in 1993 and is in the top of the most beautiful buildings in the world. Therefore, it attracts a lot of tourists to visit every year.

Tomb of Humayun - a masterpiece of architecture

The first impression that this architecture gives visitors is a large space with an area of ​​up to 216,000 m2 and a green garden designed in the typical architectural style of Persia Char Bagh .
This entire green campus is divided into 4 areas equivalent to 4 entrances to the central tomb. Each small garden is separated by clear lakes representing four rivers: water, honey, milk and wine flows to Jannat in the Garden of Eden of Islam.
Moreover, besides the soaring old trees, the garden area of ​​Humayun tombs is also planted with many fruit trees and the sound of birds singing so it is an ideal place to relax, Relieve fatigue after a long sightseeing trip.
Step through the solid gates, majestic and lush garden you will be amazed at the splendid beauty, magnificent of the central tomb architecture.
It can be said that Humayun 's Tomb is a harmonious and sophisticated blend of Persian elements, combined with Turkish style and the unique architecture of the Mughal era and become the main inspiration to build. creating many impressive architectural works later, such as the famous Taj Mahal temple in Agra, India.
The entire Royal Tomb of Humayun is located on a 7m high rock foundation, including 2 floors, 91m wide and 47m high, and is built in accordance with strict rules in Islamic geometry. emphasis on the number 8.
The main material to make this project is red sandstone, only the central dome is 42.5m high and the surrounding arches are covered with white marble. Along with that, the borders and slabs of elaborate decoration on the wall will make you extremely excited.
The main door is located between the East and the West, the special feature here is that all the doors are always open even at night even without visitors. 
Humayun's tomb has a total of 124 rooms large and small for the king and members of the royal family with a symmetrical design and a simple exterior contrasts with the complex interior.
The main tomb of the king is located on the North-South platform in the Islamic tradition, in which the head is placed in the north facing the holy site in the largest octagonal room in the center, just below the dome. white and placed a stele to separate the other rooms.
This room is designed so delicately that you can walk right here through a private arc at the south outside the tomb and cleverly decorated with various shapes of lattice stone.
The rooms inside the Humayun mausoleum are not fitted with lights, so you can only rely on the natural light from the outside through the windows to admire the interior.
In addition, before returning, you can also visit some small monuments nearby such as the tomb complex of Isa Khan Niazi - the nobility of the Sur period was built in 1547, ensuring ancient features imprinted with imprints. Time and its unique architecture will also make you admire and be surprised.

Tomb of Humayun - architectural masterpiece of New DelhiBeautiful buildings next door (Photo @madhurnangia_photography)

Some notes when visiting the tomb of Humayun

- Entrance fee for Indians is $ 30, foreign visitors are $ 50, people under 15 will be free, but if you want to see more videos about Humayun tomb , you will have to pay more 25 dollars more.
- Tomb area is open at dawn and at sunset will stop welcoming guests.
- Need to wear polite, discreet clothes.
- Demonstrating respect for the emperor and his royal family members inside.
Coming to India, don't just visit the temples because Humayun's tomb is also an architectural masterpiece that makes the world admire its hat.

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