Tomb of Safdarjung - unique architecture in New Delhi

New Delhi is a famous tourist city of India with many impressive architectural works, including Safdarjung's tomb - an architectural masterpiece that attracts many people.
Safdarjung's tomb is located at the intersection of Lodhi Road and Aurobindo Marg Road in New Delhi, India. This work was built in 1954 by Nawab Shujaud Daula as the final resting place for Nawab Safdarjung, the Governor-General of Awadh and the Prime Minister of Mughal Empire. But with its unique and impressive architecture, it has become a famous tourist destination that anyone visiting New Delhi cannot ignore.

The magnificent architecture of Safdarjung's tomb

Like the Humayun tomb , Safdarjung India is  also built in a large campus, surrounded by a lush green garden of 78400m2 and is divided into 4 areas, each area separated by a small water channel. 
Step through the solid walls and a green lawn, you will admire the splendid beauty, majesty of the main building located in the center of the garden.

Tomb of Safdarjung - unique architecture in New DelhiImpressed from a distance (Photo @sheisnotlost)

As can be seen, Safdarjung mausoleum is a typical Mughal architecture with an elegant marble dome in the middle, arched windows of red, brown sandstone arches are designed around and The four corners are four solid pillars like four massive towers and unique rococo motifs that are intricately and meticulously decorated on the wall, which makes everyone surprised.
In particular, if you look at the front you will see this as a perfect copy of the famous Taj Mahal temple in Arga, India: from architecture to clear blue lake or soaring tall trees.  Standing here and taking pictures will make sure you get the best pictures.
However, the difference of Safdarjung 's tomb is that it is designed with a balcony above so that you can go up there to enjoy the cool breeze and capture the wonderful beauty of New City. 
The outside was beautiful, the inside was equally elaborate. Entering the room where Safdarjung's main tomb is located, you will be fascinated by the skillful strokes on the dome, like a giant flower in full bloom. The walls are also decorated very carefully, carefully and eye-catching.
The most interesting thing here is that all the doors from the main doors to the windows are without doors, always open to catch the sunlight and fresh, natural air outside. So when visiting inside the tomb of Safdarjung India during the day, you do not need to turn on any light to see all the details inside.
And when the night falls, the lights shone on the project, making every detail stand out in the black background of the night, creating a shimmering, fanciful scenery.

Exciting experiences at Safdarjung's tomb

In addition to taking yourself super-cool virtual photos on the background so sophisticated and splendid as a palace of Safdarjung 's tomb,  you can also relax and relax on the green grass under the trees, enjoy each the breeze stroked my hair and heard the birds chirping like a concert, believe me, even if it's a vacation, this is it.
In addition, visiting the surrounding beautiful buildings such as: Palace in the forest, Palace of pearls or Jangli Mahal architecture ... will make your trip even more interesting.

The right time to visit Safdarjung's tomb

Not an area with special weather so you can refer to the typical weather of Delhi to visit Safdarjung's tomb . The best time to come here is in the dry season from November to March because at this time the temperature only ranges from 20 to 25 degrees, the atmosphere is quite comfortable and cool.

Transportation to Safdarjung's tomb

Located quite close to Safdarjung airport, you can choose many means to get to the tomb of Safdarjung New Delhi  such as taxi, auto rickshaw, bus or subway.
If you want to take the subway, you can go to the nearest train station to Jor Bagh station, and if you want the most convenient, take a taxi for 40 Rupees to arrive.

Some notes when coming to Safdarjung's tomb

- Tomb area is open from 7 am to 17 pm.
- Admission fee: 15 Rupees for Indian citizens, foreigners will have to pay 200 Rupees, and children will be free. The camera is comfortable to carry, but for every video camera you have to pay an extra fee of 25 Rupees.
- You are allowed to visit up to 2 hours, so go early to avoid crowded and take many beautiful photos.
- Costumes need to wear formal, polite and discreet to show respect to the tomb owner.
If you love the ancient and magnificent architecture, the Safdarjung tomb in New Delhi is an ideal destination for you.

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