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Visit India to visit a street food haven in Mumbai

Visit India to visit a street food haven in Mumbai

Street food is one of the things to attract visitors to India in general and Mumbai in particular. Even if you are losing weight, it's hard to "please" in front of the famous street food of India.
Coming to India, in addition to being known for its unique culture, temple visits and a vast array of historic monuments, there is a "foot" of the tourists by the very attractive street food. Take a tour of Mumbai and discover what street food has made the difference for the Indian "never-sleeping City"!

1. Chaat

The name "Chaat" is derived from the word "Chaatna" in the indian Hindi language, with the meaning "tasting". It is also the most famous street food of the city of Mumbai. With simple ingredients, only crispy noodles, potato, onion, coriander, chili and spice mixture Chaat Masala but any corner of Mumbai City also has a bar to serve this spicy, crispy and delicious dish.
And for spicy "followers" can satisfy this spicy "smoked bacon", you can go to the crowded food street, located around Churchgate Station, Ghatkopar Station or Carter Street.

2. Pav bhaji

Đến Ấn Độ nhớ ghé thăm thiên đường ẩm thực đường phố ở MumbaiThese lime slices are an indispensable spice when enjoying Pav Bhaji

Born in 1840, it was initially only for traders who do not have much time to eat at the late night but the impressive flavor has made Pav Bhaij quickly become one of the most beloved street food in Mumbai. Pav bhaij include Pav (Bread of India) that is buttered, indispensable a mixture of sauces made from Bhaij (a curry vegetable), mashed potatoes, pomegranate tomatoes, chili, coriander, onion and a little extra lemon.
To try this dish, you can reach Sardar Refreshments, opposite the Tardeo bus stop, Zunka Bhakar Kendras is located in Nariman Point or Cannon Pav Bhaji opposite the CST Metro.

3. Vada Pav

With its shape as the "hamburger" version "simplified", but Vada Pav is attractive to eat with the perfect combination of the crispy, hot warm crust made from potatoes with a soft and fragrant part in between. The flavor of garlic is African and the typical chili sauce of the Indians made the "soul" for these Vada PAVs. As a convenient indian dish , it is possible to replace the main meal in times of no time so Vada Pav is favored by the people of Mumbai and the paresis in all the crowded bars.

4. Bhel Puri

As one of the most varied dishes in the culinary culture of India, it is therefore dependent on each area where they have different recipes. But no matter how changing the essence, Bhel Puri is almost like roasted rice made from porous rice, roasted with chopped onions, tomatoes and boiled potatoes, served spices consisting of chili tamarind, red pepper powder and fruit chaat masala. A simple, easy-to-eat dish that is extremely nutritious, Bhel Puri is not only preferred by children but also by many users as appetizers for his meals.

5. Falooda

What's more wonderful than after a long day enjoying a series of salty dishes is a delicious Falooda cup filled with dried fruits that are mixed with nuts, above the syrup and a little sweet basil decorated? The sweet Falooda glass, filled to the mouth will help you close the journey to enjoy Mumbai street Food in an unforgettable memory for watching!
These attractive colorful Street food dishes are enough to make you "super pleasing" that you want to get to India for a trip? In addition to "teamwork", do not forget to bring the "almost" thick and loosen the waist to be ready to "conquer" all the corners of Mumbai!

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