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Antalya city - dreamy paradise on the Mediterranean coast

Antalya city - dreamy paradise on the Mediterranean coast

Coming to the city of Antalya, from beautiful small paved roads, romantic calm coast to entertainment services, ... all make visitors indescribable.

The impressive beauty of the "tourist capital" - the city of Antalya

Located next to the beautiful bay, Antalya was born around the 1st century BC. Right when he first discovered this land, King Attalos II said that this is indeed Heaven. Today, it is the 5th largest city and also the largest destination for tourists from all over the world in Turkey. Sunset in Antalya is a magical image that anyone wants to be admired.

The city of Antalya possesses a typical Mediterranean climate with dry, hot summers and warm winters, and the number of tourists is increasing because they can come to relax at any time of the year. Besides, the ubiquity of traditional Turkish baths, unique cuisine and unique taste that cannot be found anywhere. 

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Or there are colorful gift shops, vibrant streets and bars that attract tourists. Historical works bearing imprints of Byzantine or Ottoman ... are kept. Festivals, streets with old houses or beautiful beaches, ... All are reasons why you should at least once in your life to pamper yourself with this Heaven.

Attractive destinations in the city of Antalya

Whether you love history or dream vacations on the smooth white-sand turquoise coast. Then the city of Antalya Turkey offers satisfaction, with a list of top favorite tourist destinations.

Old town Kaleici 

This place is like a maze for you to walk and explore. The villas are built in the Ottoman architecture covered with white and red roofing along the cobblestone streets. This neighborhood is home to many classic hotels, souvenir shops, art galleries and restaurants. Tourists come here both to admire the scenery and to live in the traditional sounds.
In addition, this old town in the city of Antalya also has a mosque built in Roman architecture with towering towers. In particular, the clock tower is built entirely of stone, on top of which there is 1 flag, 4 clock faces and ancient writing. Of the 80 buildings built around the city, it remains alone, as an eloquent witness of the history here.
And an indispensable experience when coming to Kaleici is sitting in the shops and cafes in the harbor. From here, enjoy food, sip some wine while watching the sunset with beautiful boats back and forth. In the evening, take a walk on the paved road to enjoy the cool breeze, chat around the beautiful little streets with ancient and rustic houses. Or immerse in folk music on the street.

Antalya Museum

If you are a history enthusiast and want to explore the cultures of Turkey, do not forget to visit this massive museum in the city of Antalya . This place holds thousands of artifacts excavated from the coast of this country. There are more than 5,000 artworks on display in stages, with English annotations that are easy for tourists to learn. 
Some rooms are full of pottery, animal galleries dating back to the Stone Age, and countless artifacts cannot or have not been on display. The large number makes visitors overwhelmed, in a spacious and airy space with more than 7,000 m2. But the most prominent of these is the statue of Perge, a gallery of paintings made from Seleukeia.

Hadrian Temple Gate

Originating in the Roman empire more than 2,000 years ago, this temple gate is one of the main and most important gates to lead into the old town of Kaleici. It is divided into 3 arched walkways, the sturdy columns are all built of marble. Show sophistication and elaborate sculpture commemorating the Hadrian emperor's visit to the city of Antalya . 

Old Termessos Theater

Located in the north of the city, it used to be an old theater built for performing arts. The theater has a stage area, above is a row of seats made of stone, from the highest point can still be heard below. And zoom out to see the vast natural panorama. Besides, here is also the goddess Artemis temple, King Hadrian, surrounding ancient works.

Pamukkale Castle

This is one of the biggest tourist attractions in Antalya city  . The impressive beauty of the white limestone steps, when the water flowing down from the stream forms small clear blue lakes. From a distance, it looks like it's covered in snow, so it is called a cotton castle. Visitors coming here not only check in with the unique lake, but also enjoy a dip in the fresh hot spring. 

Visiting waterfalls

Possessing a width of up to 40 meters with a gentle height, Manavgat waterfall cascades down from Taurus mountain strongly creating a vast white area. Although not intense, but its beauty is loved by many people. In addition, there is an equally beautiful Duden waterfall, it is divided into two different streams at the beginning and the end of the river. White blends with the green scenery of beautiful mountains and forests. 

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The capital welcoming tourists love  Turkey every year is always crowded and vibrant. The beauty and antiquity of this city have never ceased to attract tourists to travel around the world. 

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