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Beat your heart with exciting experiences on the Indonesian island of Batam

Beat your heart with exciting experiences on the Indonesian island of Batam

 If Bali is famous for its sumptuous and magnificent beauty, the wild beauty is the strong point of Batam tourism. Let's list immediately interesting experiences in Batam Indonesia for a really interesting trip.
Strategically located, near the Strait of Malacca and Singapore. Batam is a gateway to 3,000 other islands in the Riau archipelago. Just 30km of waterways from the island nation of Su Tu , you can reach this beautiful little island.
Do you think there are not many fun activities on this small island? This is because you have not fully explored it yet, let's enjoy the  exciting experiences in Batam Indonesia  !

Have fun at Nongsa beach

Nongsa is a district in Batam, famous for its white sandy beach of the same name. Located just 10 minutes from the airport and home to many upscale hotels and resorts. It is not uncommon for many tourists to take a walk on the Nongsa beach anytime, anywhere. Due to its proximity to Singapore, you can see the city from the beach and it is a very beautiful sight, all illuminated, sparkling at night.
Next to it is a 10-hectare amusement park in Nongsa, Seaforest Adventure operates as its name suggests. Spend a fun day in the sun with exciting activities like banana boat, canoeing, off-road ride, archery, shooting and more. A must-see is the Aqua Track, an inflatable sea playground!

Beat your heart with exciting experiences on the Indonesian island of BatamSeaforest Adventure

Shopping at the commercial centers on the island

The Nagoya Hill Shopping Center is the largest shopping complex in Batam and you can find everything from clothing to electronics, cosmetics, souvenirs and more. The center is strategically located in Batam town, so it is very popular among locals and tourists alike. Don't be surprised to find this place full of people!
Shopping here is an interesting experience in Batam Indonesia, you can wander around this center all day without getting bored with so many attractive shops, do not forget to buy unique items at very reasonable prices. reason for relatives and friends!
For duty free shopping, Batam City Square (BCS) is the right place. You can find a wide selection of cheap clothes or souvenirs to take home for your loved ones. If you want to refresh yourself, you can also choose nail services here. When you feel hungry, stop by at one of the many restaurants in the Center.

Admire Barelang Bridge - The longest suspension bridge connecting the strait

Batam people are very proud of the traffic work of Barelang Bridge - the longest suspension bridge connecting the strait. This is an interesting experience in Batam Indonesia that you should not miss because it is actually very magnificent. The long and large cable car supports a long bridge across the strait.
Considered one of the most prominent landmarks of Batam , the Barelang Bridge connects Galang Island with the main island of Batam. Its structure is quite marvelous, making it a beautiful sight for tourists to take souvenir photos.During the evening time, you can see many tourists flocking to the Barelang Bridge to take pictures perfect sunset and night.

Take part in water sports

If shopping is not your “taste”, turn to outdoor activities. One of the most interesting experiences in Batam Indonesia is water sports. If you love adventure, you can not ignore interesting sports such as boating, skiing ... or even snorkelling are here.
After a tiring day of sports, you can take a dip in the seawater or relax in the sun on the beach. All the fatigue from before now seemed to disappear quickly.

Eat seafood in Batam

It would be a mistake if traveling to Batam Indonesia without rewarding the local seafood dishes. The plus point of seafood on Batam Island is that it is much cheaper than Singapore and Southeast Asia.
Talking about the sea and islands, you must mention seafood, no need to wait until you are hungry can also make you crave the sweet and spicy scallops, crab with black pepper sauce, Chaozhou style steamed fish, crispy squid, medium shrimp. tasty fat and also oysters.
These delicacies are served at KTM Resort (20 drive from Sekupang ferry). Spend a quiet and romantic night in a lovely wooden hut to get away from life. Don't worry about nothing to play. Snooker tables, karaoke rooms and board games are just a few of the amenities available here, you will be quite busy.
On the other hand, you can take a taxi to the bustling market so that you can buy biscuits, sea cucumber, or kueh lapis and honeycomb cakes with your friends.

A trip to Penyengat island

Around the Batam island area Indonesia owns many islands, large and small. One of them is Penyengat Island - the small pearl of Batam. Indeed, Penyengat Island is small, but if you walk around the island you will see many impressive monuments and places.
Coming to Penyengat Island, you will have the opportunity to observe the lives of local people. Besides, chatting with people on the island is also an interesting experience in Batam Indonesia

Visit the Maha Vihara Duta Maitreya temple

One of the largest Buddhist temples in Southeast Asia, Maha Vihara Duta Maitreya Temple is a contrast to the island life of Nongsa beach. Burn a stick of incense for good luck on your visit to the temple. The complex also has a eatery where you can enjoy a variety of vegetarian dishes.
Above is the suggestion of interesting experiences in Batam Indonesia that you should try when coming to the beautiful Batam island. It can be said that this is an ideal place for your Indonesian travel to be more complete.

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