Hundreds of thousands of virtual living corners in paradise archipelago Raja Ampat

One of the places with surreal natural landscapes in Asia, the Raja Ampat Islands Indonesia with more than 1500 small islands is like the Amazon in the ocean!
The thousands of islands of Indonesia not only has the famous Bali island, but also this pristine tourist paradise. With its deserted beaches and rich underwater ecosystems, Raja Ampat Indonesia deserves a true paradise where you can admire the beautiful nature of the islands without getting bored!

Raja Ampat is an archipelago consisting of more than 1,500 small islands located in the western province of Papua, Indonesia with four main islands: Misool, Salawati, Batanta and Waigeo and of these, less than 40 are inhabited and imprinted guest.
Small islands with lush green vegetation and underwater are exotic marine life and colorful coral reefs that create wonderful natural sceneries for Raja Ampat.
Nature in the Raja Ampat Indonesia archipelago is very well preserved, so far it is still unspoiled and quiet and fresh. Therefore, although difficult to access due to the islands located quite far from the mainland, the number of world tourists looking to "paradise on earth" Raja Ampat is increasing sharply each year. 
In addition to the beautiful natural scenery like paradise, Raja Ampat also brings together a lot of luxurious resorts, airy, full of sunshine and wind and taste of the ocean with full of high-end services.

Hundred Thousand Thousand Virtual Living Angles In Raja Ampat Islands IndonesiaAlthough still unspoiled, Raja Ampat brings together many luxury resorts

In addition, the sea water in Raja Ampat is unbelievably warm, with an average temperature of about 28-30 degrees Celsius. The best time to go to Raja Ampat to travel and snorkel is around mid-October to mid-December. Because at this time the weather is sunny, the sky is clear, with little rain, the wind is mild and the sea is gentle.

The mysterious beauty of deep sea coral reefs

Raja Ampat Islands Indonesia consists of about 450 different coral species with extremely rich colors and shapes, is also home to more than 1,400 species of fish and is the coral reef with the largest level of biodiversity in the world. . According to researchers, Raja Ampat has at least 1,400 tropical fish species, more than 700 species of molluscs, 57 species of mantis shrimp, 13 species of marine mammals, 600 species of hard corals ... 
It is here that 75% of the known coral species in the world lie below sea level. Visitors also easily admire whales, dolphins, sea turtles a variety of fish species with impressive shapes and colors. 
Coming to the Raja Ampat Indonesian archipelago , visitors will have wonderful pristine natural experiences: swimming close to sharks, dwarf seahorses and rays, sea turtles, parrot fish ..; diving and watching colorful corals; Kayaking to explore countless small islands like mushrooms; cave discovery; forest exploration, fishing ... or just simply drop your soul on the clear blue beach with velvety white sand.
Aside from its underwater splendor, Raja Ampat's terrestrial landscape is equally breathtaking. The small islands nestled between the clear blue water and the clear sky in Piaynemo offer some of the most stunning views on the ground.

The most interesting places in the Indonesian archipelago Raja Ampat Indonesia

Walking on Pianemo island

With tree-covered rocky mountains dotted in turquoise waters, Pianemo Island is the miniature Raja Ampat. Across the archipelago, you can find beautiful turquoise, turquoise puddles. For the best 

Arborek tourist village

In addition to the extremely attractive natural attractions, Raja Ampat Indonesia also offers visitors a familiar feeling by the other local people's filial piety. In the tourist village of Arborek not far from Waigeo's port, you can stay in a number of homestays and mingle with them to observe the life and unique cultural traditions.
When a group of tourists arrive, they often perform a traditional welcome dance at the pier and entertain 'the guest with various Papuan folk songs. Don't leave without buying a locally made hat or noken (string bag).

Boating around Kabui Bay

Impressive white-sand beaches and limestone beaches, lush tropical greenery and sparkling ocean on this Gam Island . Kayaking is a popular activity in the bay, promising to meet exotic fishes, birds of paradise, and if you're lucky you might see dolphins. The area is also home to Goa Tengkorak, a cave containing the skeletons of the island's ancient inhabitants.

Snorkelling at Manta Sandy

You can meet seahorses while scuba diving in  the Manta Sandy waters , a popular snorkeling area, but there are strict rules. Only twenty divers are allowed into the water at a time, although that requires you to wait and have a clear plan it will make the experience much closer, more special. With ants you must have a diving license in advance.

Resort at Raja Ampat Islands

Although there are many uninhabited, uninhabited islands in Raja Ampat Indonesia , visitors do not need to worry about tourism services. There is also no shortage of luxury resorts with high-end services, suitable for even those who love relaxation and feel the immense fresh sea and island nature.
You have many options for enjoying a pleasant stay, including staying at homestays and resorts with premium service. Many visitors come here to choose Raja Ampat Dive Lodge , which has cute, cozy bungalows on the beach and is just a few seconds walk from the white sand.
The resort's restaurant offers a decent breakfast buffet right on the beach and even outdoor BBQ parties. The resort's on-site restaurant serves a fusion of Western and local dishes with the freshest ingredients.
Besides convenient services, you can rent diving equipment with a kayak to visit one of the most beautiful beaches on the planet. You should take a boat ride along the coast of the islands, admire the magnificent beauty that attracts the clear blue water, but be wary of strong currents.
With all the breathtaking wonders on land, on shore and off the water, and a distinctly serene atmosphere you'll rarely find anywhere else on earth, the Indonesian Raja Ampat Islands  truly brings the best experience.

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