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La Havana-the city of colors and fun things

La Havana-the city of colors and fun things

The beautiful and colorful La Havana capital of Cuba will bring visitors unique and distinct, a little distant from the developing world to the dizzy out there...

La Havana Capital – the world's Wonders city

Along with six other cities around the world (the capital of La Paz-Bolivia, Durban-South Africa, Beirut-Lebanon, Doha-Qatar, Kuala Lumpur-Malaysia and Vigan-the Philippines), Cuba's la Havana Capital was celebrated New7Wonders by Switzerland as the world's Wonders city.

The process of voting seven wonders of the world lasted more than two years, with more than 1,200 cities nominated throughout the world. The vote is conducted using the online method at the New7Wonders Web site.
The la Havana Capital attracts tourists with a different ancient beauty than the other ancient cities of the world with The quiet Old Town la Havana Vieja, which is quietly located by the bay named after the city.
The ancient architectural style of Baroque architecture, colorful antique cars as the site adds to the beautiful life here, where the cute, gentle and friendly Cuban people are always radiant on the lips. It's just that simple but to anyone, just visit Havana once, and always keep in the heart of the impressions of a simple, cheerful, cheerful, colorful and happy La Havana Capital.
Experiencing the ups and downs, the La Havana Capital, the City of Love and wonders like people often say, still keep yourself in the charm and eternal beauty, worthy of a city of new wonders of the world.

The Malecón Walk

The feeling of tranquility is considered the "brand" of the coastal space of Malecon, Havana. So when Cuba Travel Almost nobody can ignore this beautiful coastline.
The coast of Malecon is the largest main street running along the Caribbean coast in the La Havana capital. The building was constructed with stone walls used to prevent sea water from about 6km. Malecon is also used as a venue for performances, organizing lively outdoor festivals. From Malecon You can watch two forts, Real Fuerza and El Morro. These two works were considered the symbol of Havana. Especially, the dramatic lighthouse tower of El Morro fortress stands in a dark corner.


QCathedral is said to be the symbol of the city thanks to its splendid beauty and spacious cobblestone streets. The surrounding architecture reminds us of a Cuban-era life when influenced by Spanish culture in the 17th and 198 centuries, when the patience Senoritas stood waiting for Caballeros to take them to the dance floor. Today you Can dance the flamenco in your own way under the statue of Antonio Gades and pretend like you're the famous Spanish dance artist. Head to the western corner of the square to enjoy a Cuban lunch at Dona Eutimia with rice, beans and picadillo (meat puree) and banana chips.

Travel to Chacón Street to Plazuela del Santo Ángel

Charming and unforgettable, take the camera to the Plazuela del Santo Ángel-located behind the Iglesia del Santo Ángel Custodio-connect five corners of the street in a warm atmosphere with a range of culinary options from Italy, Cuba and other countries. On the way from the Museo de Bellas Artes to the Museo de la Revolución, stop at Chacón 162 and grab a chair at the latest cafeteria in the town. Whether you choose to sit outdoors or enjoy watching the Harley Davidson collection in the inside bar, the innovative cuisine of the tavern with grilled lobster combined with the mojito of the Mojito will make you admire.

The Old Town "Habana Vieja"

The Old Town "Habana Vieja" is truly a great place to explore the street life and the Cuban culture of life so that you really understand what Havana is... A local city on the Caribbean coast
Du lịch đến thủ đô La HavanaFeeling like you're back centuries ago

Taking a few days for the La Havana Capital is you have enough time to walk along the old town or the famous square. You can easily see the classic Western-style architecture painted in a rainbow-colored paint.
Weave into every corner to find restaurants, bars that feature flashing advertising light boxes and old painted patchy walls. As Bodeguita Del Medio, which has the world's finest Mojito Cup, is also a place where popular celebrities often visit as Ernest Hemingway and Pablo Neruda.
In addition, there are always too many options in Havana when it is the cradle of Bar pub culture, which is the birthplace of the world's most passionate drinks.

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