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Recommended shopping places in Bali are very helpful for Shopaholic

Recommended shopping places in Bali are very helpful for Shopaholic

If you are looking for shopping in Bali then the Southern Bali area is the busiest on the island.

Shopping in Bali: South

The shopping areas in the south are not far from the beach and there are some accommodation right on the beach, you can swim, surf or shop at the air-conditioned Discovery mall in Tuban, or head to the Beachwalk Mall along Jalan Pantai Kuta.

Shopping in Kuta

The streets along Jalan Legian and in areas such as Kuta Square and Kuta Art Market are the most touristy, but as the number of tourists increases, so does the price of goods.
Kuta Square has a tourist path between Kuta and Legian that has become a crowded meeting place for shoppers in Bali and fixed-price boutiques and shops.
Most of the shops of Kuta Square are located along a long lane that starts at the Kuta art market at the south end then gradually north including fashion boutiques, fast food shops, boutiques selling surf gear and jewelery.
In addition the shopping malls also have a lot of Western brands but also have fixed prices and are often very high.
The Kuta Art Market on the south entrance of Kuta Square is full of cheap Polish souvenirs - masks, shirts, seashells, sarongs and carvings. Unlike the rest of Kuta Square, the shops in the Kuta art market are where you can bargain on goods.

Shop along Jalan Legian

The path called Jalan Legian crosses between Kuta and Legian you will find plenty of independent shops, markets and stalls, in addition to transportation services, restaurants and budget hotels.

Shopping in Denpasar

The capital of Bali doesn't have as much tourist traffic as Kuta and Legian, where ordinary Balinese people live, as opposed to the tourist resorts of Legian, Kuta and Seminyak. But it has two traditional markets located right next to each other, separated only by the Badung River.

Experience choosing where to shop in Bali@getrimitt

The Pasar Kumbasari Market is a large, traditional three-story market. If you like the cheap handicraft market, go to the third floor of the market. There is also a shop selling costumes for traditional Balinese dances. 
Across the river, Badung sar market offers many cheaper items for tourists.

Shopping in Ubud and around central Bali

Shopping in Bali is best in the south, but Ubud and central are also a must-see. If you come here for shopping you should start shopping at Pasar Ubud located in the center of Ubud's town, then explore the surrounding streets - especially Jalan Monkey Forest, which has soap shops , jewelry...
Near Ubud there are several craft villages, where generations of villagers have produced jewelry, sculptures, and textiles. Nowadays, they supply the tourism products and export them. Their wares are available at any shopping mall in South Bali, but if you want to get fine gold jewelry or intricate wood carvings at wholesale prices, visit their workshop just a way from Ubud. a few minutes drive to get the best price.
Shopping at Ubud Market (Pasar Ubud): Tourists can walk into Pasar Ubud which is open from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. The eastern part of the area mostly caters to the locals as the traditional markets do: Selling meat, vegetables and other daily necessities. It's still worth a look if you want to see how well traditional Asian markets perform.
Traveling to Bali and shopping will be interesting if you visit the craft villages in central Bali. Around Tegallalang and neighboring towns, you'll find lots of wood sculptures at wholesale prices - these areas are famous for their skilled wood carvers. In addition, the town of Celuk is also the place to create gold and silver jewelry worth a visit in Bali.

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