Stunning architecture of Turkish Dolmabahce palace

Magnificent, gorgeous and full of charm. The luxury, ancient and overwhelming vastness of Dolmabahce Turkey attract many to admire.

Turkish Dolmabahce Palace through centuries of ups and downs

Construction began in 1843 and completed in 1856, under the Ottoman Empire. This is the construction idea of ​​the 31st Sultan, previously living in Topkapi Palace, but after a trip to Europe and seeing modern works, he decided to build another place to live for himself. . And choose the coastal area in Bosphorus Bay for your location.

After Emperor Abdulmecit, many later kings also chose to live in Turkish Dolmabahce because of its modern architecture. Through many stages of reform, the dynasties of this empire became more and more unable to withstand its decline. However, the typical European architecture, as well as the importance of this palace, still exists with unequaled splendor. 
It is also the birthplace of the Republic of Turkey, as well as the residence of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk - the founder of this state. He often chose to stop here every time he had the opportunity to visit Istanbul and was also the last breath in 1938. In a normal room when the clock was at 9:5 minutes, today if you enter here it is still and stops at at that moment. 

Impressive magnificent architecture

The Turkish Dolmabahce palace architecture has a magnificent beauty that is comparable to the famous Versailles in France. It was built on a relatively large scale, both as a place to welcome guests, as well as the residence of the king, the amount of money is 100 million USD (equivalent to 35 tons of gold). In particular, the most special one is to use up to 14 tons of gold leaf to lay on the ceiling to create a sparkling effect and create the luxury of this palace.

dien-Dolmabahce-tho-ky-8Attractive beauty is hard to resist

The symmetrical 3-storey architecture is a perfect combination of traditional Ottoman style with neoclassical style of Baroque and Rococo. Divided into 285 rooms with 44 halls, 6 traditional Turkish baths and up to 68 toilets scattered everywhere by the king imported from England. Everywhere is equipped with adequate light and gas. 
The north is the exclusive living area for the Sultan and royal family, while the south is the public room. Their function in Turkish Dolmabahce Palace was completely different and separated from each other by a very large hall area. There are gorgeous furniture, large chandeliers and high roofs. 
Like the meaning of the garden full of the name Dolmabahce surrounded by the garden is full of life. From water drizzle stations, lakes, paved roads, statues to each tree, flower bushes, ... are carefully arranged and cared for. In particular, here you can also admire the Baroque-style clock tower from the 19th century. 
The interior design details are summarized in 2 words, which are sophisticated and unique. In addition to the 14 tons of gold inlaid, the ceiling in this palace is also decorated with 750 crystal lamps, including the largest one in the world. It was a bohemian crystal cluster gifted by Queen Victoria herself. Show just how luxurious and grandiose the place is.
In addition, the Turkish Dolmabahce Palace also has a crystal staircase. Or decorated with gemstones from many different countries. 202 masterpieces of famous painters in the world such as: Ivan Aivazovsky, Theo Van Rysselberghe, ... are painted with oil paint. 
Today, when visiting this palace, in addition to see and learn about the impressive monumental architecture. You can also witness with your own eyes the artifacts of the king under the Ottoman Empire such as: throne, personal belongings, swords, jewels, ... Among them, there is a diamond in the top largest in the world when weighs 86 carats.

Some note when visiting the palace

Turkish Dolmabahce Palace does not allow taking photos inside, so you can only check in outside. In addition, if you want to visit, you must go with a guide, not be free to follow your own liking. 
- Currently, open weekdays from 9am to 5pm (except Monday and Sunday). 
- This place also regulates that each day only welcomes up to 5,000 visitors, so to not miss the opportunity to visit, you should buy tickets in advance or come early. 
- There are 2 types of tickets: one is to visit the main categories, the other is to enter the palace, only pay in cash for a total of 23 USD.

Guide to move

If traveling from Istanbul to Dolmabahce Palace Turkey , you can take the Kabatas tram going from Sultanahmet Square (located on the Sultanahmet neighborhood) to Kabatas. Then from this station about 10 minutes more walk to Dolmabahce, this is a quite reasonable way and also to save costs. Or choose to take a taxi directly to the palace and be sure to ask the price before going.
From Istanbul port, it takes 5 minutes to walk or take a taxi. As for those traveling from the Besiktas or Taksim area, there are more options. Either take a bus, taxi or walk to the tram station and travel by this means. 
Walk along the romantic beach and stop to visit the splendid palace. Surprise experiences that you will definitely discover with a beautiful Turkish tour to Istanbul.

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