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Travel to Ankara Turkey and enjoy the city in sprawling colors

Travel to Ankara Turkey and enjoy the city in sprawling colors

As the second largest city after Istanbul, Turkey tourism Ankara is like an unforgettable destination in a romantic country with vibrant sound, vibrant colors.

Tourism Ankara Turkey - place containing interesting things

Ankara is the capital, administrative center and many great civilizations with a history dating back to the Stone Age of Turkey. Located in Central Anatolia, walking along the streets here you will find a mixture of elements modern and ancient history. Therefore, going to Ankara is a unique opportunity to experience Turkish culture and architecture.

This is considered the cradle of many civilizations, ancient architectural works of great importance to this day. Not only that, the economy of this place develops rapidly, the city is bustling with thriving shopping, service and tourism centers. Therefore, Ankara Turkey tourism always brings many interesting things to be discovered.

Mustafa Kemal Mausoleum

This site is the mausoleum of the first and second President of the Republic of Turkey. Its design is extremely beautiful as a museum, attracting not only tourists but also historians and architects. Here you will see a large collection of paintings, watching Turkish soldiers in the parades. 
Not only that, Turkish Ankara tourism to the presidential mausoleum also visits the Peace Park filled with greenery. There is even a Turkish flag made entirely of real flowers. And especially visit the tomb of the great President Ataturk. A meaningful and formal visit that tourists want to visit.

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Ankara Castle

Surrounded by a system of citadels and fortresses, they divided into 20 towers, completely separate from each other. This place has gone through many different historical periods of ownership, from the Hittite empire to Persia, ... and later Ottoman. Today, the castle is used as a museum for art exhibitions and exhibitions as well as for major festivals and events in Ankara.

Kocatepe Mosque

The project has an outstanding design, is built into many domed floors and the most characteristic is the towers with curved peaks. Gothic style inspired freely from steps, entrances to splendid and meticulous decorative details. Makes this church an  attractive Turkish Ankara tourist destination and can be seen clearly from above.

Atakule Tower

After visiting the first Turkish presidential mausoleum, do not forget to visit the Atakule tower he built. From here, you can stand on the terrace area or visit the restaurant above to enjoy the food while enjoying the panoramic view of the city. Enjoy a 360 view space with cool breeze, watching the bustling street. 

Genclik park

This park is a place that anyone traveling to Ankara Turkey cannot miss. Here, there are cool green trees, swimming pools, outdoor theater, beautiful small trains, ... Around there are shops selling traditional pottery, at night the pool area also shows beautiful water music. eye. People often visit here to relax, take a walk and enjoy street performances.

Roman baths

Coming to the capital Ankara, visiting the Roman-style bathroom built in the 3rd century also brings an unforgettable memory. They are divided into 3 types: hot baths, warm bathrooms and cold baths. Although not intact, statues, patterns or history of this place are always told in a lively and interesting way.

Attend exciting events and festivals

In addition to famous works and attractions, Turkish Ankara tourism , do not forget to choose the time that coincides with attractive events and festivals.
There are events in April such as: tulip festival of thousands of blooming flowers. International Animation Festival featuring humorous works by both adults and children, the winners will be shown the work around the city.
- Or travel to Ankara Turkey and participate in the International Women's Film Festival Flying Boom (May). The annual event aims to recognize and honor the contributions made by women in the film industry.
- December is an international dance festival, immersed in concerts, enjoying fashion shows or participating in international seminars on art. 

Some notes when traveling to Ankara

Summer Ankara is usually very hot so you should avoid coming here at this time. Spring, autumn or winter are all quite cool. In particular, tourists often choose to come to this place between April and June because the weather and nature are very beautiful. Besides, there are also many attractive festivals, notably the brilliant tulip festival that attracts many people to visit and take pictures.
Each different land has taboos that we need to know to avoid committing it and when traveling to Turkey Turkey is no exception. The people here believe and adore their traditional Turkish culture . So if you don't like something, don't show or say that you hate it. Because doing so will easily create a bad impression on them.
In Ankara, only a few regulated locations can sell and drink alcohol. Therefore, if you drink in public you will be fined a very large amount. Choosing public transport should pay attention to theft when crowded, but if you take a taxi, you should ask for the price first to avoid losing a lot of money. And also remember to pay the price when shopping at the traditional markets here, because that's the culture in Turkey.
Not only is a political center with many important activities and events of great stature. Turkey tourism to the capital Ankara will be a tour that gives you a new perspective on this bustling but no less peaceful city.

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