Traveling to Alacati village to enjoy the peaceful and romantic beauty

The classical architecture is romantic and impressive, Alacati village is like a nostalgic world for you to come to with moments of relaxation and peace.

Learn about the village of Alacati

Turkey is famous for its romantic scenery, a popular tourist destination around the world. And each time you mention the name Alacati, people will immediately imagine the charming dreamy streets. The vineyards, cellars of the wine cellar, or the giant windmill model, have been present and preserved here for hundreds of years. 

Next to the Aegean peninsula, east of Cesme, of Turkey. But the village of Alacati is known for the houses built in the style of Greek architecture. From houses to roads, stone materials are used for paving. This not only makes the owner feel cool, but also invisibly coats the village with an ancient, quiet look.

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And although over time, people here also repaired many times to suit their lives. But that characteristic architecture is still brilliant right next to the vast ocean. Its beauty is compared to stepping out from fairy tales that attract the eye of the viewer. Become a destination to explore and relax tourists from all over the world flocking. 

Wandering on the small streets

As a person who loves to travel, learn beautiful scenery. Or if you want to choose a place with a peaceful atmosphere to rest, the Turkish village of Alacati  is the perfect choice that is hard to ignore. Once lost in a mossy village, an ancient, colored with time. You just wish that time stopped and one time has come and will not be able to leave. 

ngoi-lang-alacati-5Wandering on the romantic stone-paved streets on sunny days

The bold Mediterranean style weaves in every corner with mossy stone wall houses, nestled under the brilliant flower trellis. Sunny windows face the sea to welcome the cool breeze, the old road is imprinted with thousands of steps of distant travelers. In the distance are the windmills standing quietly, nestled towards the sea the immense waves. All create a deep and charismatic chorus.
Coming to the village of Alacati,  everything seemed to be left outside to give way to a quiet space like a distant countryside. The village is small, so small that the path is narrow when you don't notice one person bumping into another. However, no one paid attention to that, but they all enjoy and enjoy the scenery of this place. 
If you have a chance to come to Alacati, do not forget to stop at the cafes located right next to the sidewalk or restaurants that serve traditional food to enjoy while watching the scenery. Or take a walk with the indigenous people to learn about the life and culture here. Do not hesitate to talk, because they are the ones who bring you interesting information and things that not everyone knows.
During the day, the village of Alacati appears with the serene and tranquil image of the cool breezes blowing through each doorway, flowers make people want to go forever. Then when night falls, this place becomes more sparkling and magical with the shining lights. Not dazzling, brilliant, but full of ghostly and charisma. For you to have silence at the full dining table or hot Turkish cups of coffee. 
For those who love sports, summer is also an ideal time to have a trip to visit. In addition to sightseeing, you can also participate in the game of surfing on the sea to experience and enjoy the exciting feeling of floating on the water. The resort place cannot be missed with family or friends to have moments of relaxation.

Enjoy a delightful traditional meal

To end the day, visit the romantic Alacati village on the banks of the blue ocean. Choose for a romantic dinner at one of the local restaurants here. Some typical dishes that you should try include: Kofte meatballs served with baked potatoes, jam, fish sandwiches, herb salads, ... including vegetarian dishes. Beautifully decorated space, spoiled for conversation. 
To get here from the capital of Turkey or the surrounding areas you can choose one of the means such as: plane, bus or travel to Turkey by train . The transportation system here is developed so traveling is also convenient. You just need to plan and choose for yourself the right schedule to be able to serve immediately. 
Perhaps because of the intersection of geography and culture of the two continents of Asia and Europe, Turkish tourism has never stopped being attractive to tireless steps. Not lavish or crowded, but Alacati is sure to be the journey to bring you unforgettable memories. With close architecture, travel costs are also very reasonable, wait without carrying a backpack and going to bring a full of exciting experiences in the nearest day. 

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