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Wandering on the peaceful land of Konya, Turkey

Wandering on the peaceful land of Konya, Turkey

Not too noisy and noisy, but the ancient capital Konya, with the peaceful scenery of the historic land over a thousand years, makes one-stop-trip memorable.

The ancient capital Konya was a central city once

Konya is located in Central Anatolia, where it used to be the ancient capital of the country Turkey in the 12th or 13th centuries. With an area of ​​more than 41,000 km2, a population of more than 2 million people, ranked 7th in this country. Its birth history dates back thousands of years, so it is not difficult to come across ancient architectural works with high cultural and historical value. 

co-do-konya-18Konya was both ancient and quiet

Tourists love the Turkish ancient capital Konya not because of the bustling modern atmosphere or heritage buildings. But they come here to enjoy the peaceful, rustic scenery with a warm climate all year round. Spring, especially in May-4-5 when the almond stumps begin to flower, walk under the trees, inhale the mild scent. Visiting the neighborhoods, learning the culture of a thousand years.
Konya is the place associated with the last years of the great poet Rumi. In 1273, in Konya his lovers established the Mevlevi Sufi Islamic order and became known as the Whirling Dervishes. It was also known as the "Muslim citadel" because its inhabitants were relatively more devout than those from other cities. 
During the Renaissance, the ancient capital Konya produced Turkish rugs and exported them to Europe. Such textiles are so expensive and richly patterned that they are hung on a table, bed or chest to declare the wealth and status of their owners. Not only that, it is also included in contemporary oil paintings as a symbol of the wealth that those with money can own.

Visit the ancient capital Konya to visit famous destinations

Many monuments, museums have splendid looks or Islamic architectural works. Walking around the central street watching people in traditional costumes, watching wooden wagons or listening to praying in the cathedral, ... For those who love the history and culture of the country Turkey and Konya cannot miss interesting tours.

Mevlana Tekkesi Museum

Is a favorite destination for tourists everywhere every time they have the opportunity to visit this ancient capital. Here, there is a museum and burial ground of Mevlana with prominent blue roofs. Outside, you can see the beauty of ancient colored brick walls, the surrounding scenery also gives tourists a sense of rusticness and closeness.
Inside the Mevlana Tekkesi museum in the ancient capital Konya is exquisitely designed, displaying artifacts related to his life. And most especially, you have the opportunity to see a unique Derwische dance performance, containing deep philosophies. Male missionaries wear scarves, long white robes and perform generous, spinning dances.

Alaeddin Mosque

Not only is the place that tourists love to visit, but people here also often come to this ancient poet to sit and drink and drink water every night. It has the tallest tower with a panoramic view of the city, the design is also quite sophisticated with a total of 6 large domes. And especially the garden is like a fairyland with beautiful corners, meticulously cared for.

Hotel Caravanserai

From the outside, no one can imagine this fortress was once a hotel in the ancient Turkish capital of Konya . Because it was created like a fortress on high, square and solid. The hotel is also surrounded by a long corridor area, for the convenience of merchants and merchants to have a place to rest. 

Selimiye Mosque

Built in the 16th century and this is the pinnacle architecture of Ottoman Islamic style. The most prominent is the giant dome and a large square. People often come here in the early morning or gather every afternoon to watch the beautiful sunset together. The side of the church also has spacious restaurants or cafes for you to relax while watching the scenery.

Walking around the old markets

After visiting the famous works, visiting an old market in the ancient capital of Konya to visit and buy yourself a souvenir is also a good suggestion. That could be the area selling fresh fruits and agricultural products neatly arranged and, especially, the sellers are mostly men. Or an old corner selling leather, brocade, pottery of Turkey, ...

Enjoy the cuisine

Konya is a large agricultural production area, so people are accustomed to traditional dishes rather than modern ones. Come here, do not forget to enjoy famous dishes such as: Etli Ekmek with ingredients like pizza but quite long, bean soup, Simit bagel, dishes made from lamb, ... To be able to feel get the full taste and culture of this land.
No showy or fussy, Konya is always peaceful and friendly to welcome the footsteps of those who visit. Enjoying a trip to Turkey without arriving here seems like a shortcoming. Make the journey complete with this ancient capital of a thousand years!

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