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Interesting things in German communication culture

Interesting things in German communication culture

Germany is famous for its civilized and modern culture. In particular, the German communication culture is something that many countries want to learn. Follow the following article to know what it is.

1. Principle of greeting in Germany

To start a conversation with someone, greeting is the first thing you need to do and this is also a way to leave an impression on others. However, if you make mistakes, or taboo in communication in Germany, not only will not leave sympathy, but also cause aversion to them. So how to communicate with Germans?
According to German communication culture , they usually greet someone when they see them. Even if they are just acquainted, Germans always greet them informally. During appointments, if anyone comes later, they will have to greet the first, which is the minimum courtesy of the people here. In work and business, the greeting will be classified according to each other's rank and position. Often, those of the lower position will have to greet the higher person, which is a show of respect. After greeting and getting acquainted, the Germans will shake hands. However, do not hold too tightly or shake hands for too long, but instead should shake lightly in a short time.

Learn about German communication culture through greetingGreetings culture of the German people

2. German language of address

How is German communication culture like? After greeting, addressing properly, also made a good impression on the local people here. However, the vocation here is very important and to be called properly, it depends on the position or age. That shows respect for the other party.
Especially those who have positions and are influential, the more attention you need to call you. If you are a highly educated person such as a doctor, you must include the person's qualifications, for example: Doctor, professor, earl, marquis ... along with the person's name.
If you are a noble, highly educated, then you must fully call: Dr. earl, professor progress, .... When you say right, you will receive a sympathetic eye of people here.

The way of addressing in Germany - The communication culture of the GermansAddresses are shown to be respectful when communicating in Germany

3. Always use compliments

Compliments are liked by everyone, especially in Germany, when people praise others very seriously. However, you should not use too ostentatious compliments, praise skillfully, delicately and compliments should be around the topic of work, attitude, personality. Refraining from mentioning subtle issues of the opponent's own such as: The talk related to clothes, skinny appearance, height, age, ... Because in German communication culture they are very taboo this.

Use compliments in German communicationGerman people always say clever compliments

4. Use business cards

When you arrive in Germany, you will find that the people here use business cards a lot. And this is also a beauty in German culture , when you want to exchange, make friends and get to know people. But giving a business card to someone, there are certain norms. For example, in a group of people, you need to hand the business card to the people with the rank, highest position, then lowest.
If you don't know the rank, you can hand over business cards in the order from closest to you. One point you should especially note when receiving someone's business card, you should look through the information before storing it in your pocket. Because it shows the politeness and respect for the person giving the business card.

Use business cards while in Germany - German communication cultureWhen accepting anyone's business card, take a look before storing the bag to show respect

5. Culture while riding

Besides the communication culture of the German people, the culture of riding here is also quite interesting. If you are invited by someone to ride their own car, sit across, not in the back of the car.
If you take a taxi, the rear seats are for special guests. You are the payer, so sit in the same seat as the driver. Or you can sit in the rear seat, located behind the driver's back.

Learn about German ride culture and communication cultureTaking a taxi in Germany should be on the same seat as the driver, if the person pays

6. Party culture in Germany

The first thing you need to know when going to a party in Germany is that the people here take time very seriously, they always go on time. So never be late, come 5-10 minutes earlier to settle down. When the host is invited to the party chair, he must sit in the right place where he was arranged or invited to sit. During the party, when the host has not yet spoken to invite you to a meal, it is not advisable to eat first by himself, it is very impolite. Besides, when eating, you should not rest your elbows on the table. After the party is over, do not forget to thank the host for inviting the party.

The culture of thank you after the party - German culture of communicationAttending the party in Germany, you should thank the host after the end

7. Communicate by phone

One thing you should know about in German communication culture when making phone calls is introduction. If you are the one who actively calls someone, clearly state your name, introduce yourself before continuing with the story and getting into the topic. Also in the case of the person receiving the phone, you should confess your name to answer. However, if you use a public phone, you do not need to say your name and address, avoid being eavesdropped, and have trouble with bad guys.

German communication culture when talking on the phoneWhen you answer the phone, you should say your name

To have a convenient and interesting journey to discover Germany, please keep in mind the unique features in the German communication culture above, to avoid committing taboos by the people here. Have a fun and memorable trip!

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