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Update the most convenient means of transport in Germany

Update the most convenient means of transport in Germany

With a developed transport system, there are many means of transport to facilitate convenient mobility in Germany. However, you are new to Germany for the first time, so it is unclear about the vehicles used here? So follow this article to stay up to date on information about transportation in Germany.

1. Use bicycle, electric bike or scooter

Dubbed the country of green cities, with fresh air, using bicycles in Germany is like contributing to environmental protection. Therefore, coming here you will find that bicycles in Germany are used quite commonly. With this vehicle, you can take the initiative in traveling time, explore small nooks that cannot be reached by cars, ... And to rent a bicycle, you can easily see the shops. for rent right on the streets.
Besides, electric bikes and scooters are also means of transportation in Germany that are very popular with locals. You can consider using it to save time and health when traveling, exploring tourist attractions in Germany .

Bicycles are one of the most popular means of transport in GermanyEnjoy the city by bike 

2. Rent a private car

As a famous tourist country, there are also many car rental services to drive in Germany, but this is not the most popular means of transport in Germany with tourists. Because to rent a car and drive by yourself, you need to have an international driver's license accepted by Germany or a driver's license from the countries of the European Union Schengen.

Rent a private car - Transportation in GermanyRent a private car to actively move and explore attractive destinations in Germany

3. Use a taxi

For tourists, taxis are probably the least used vehicle. Because the types of taxis here are usually luxury cars - good, the way of charging, each company, an area has a different way of charging, but mainly timers. In general, the price of a taxi here is quite expensive, an average of about 2 - 3 Euro / Km. To catch a taxi here, you can catch it directly on the street or call through the Mytaxi app. This application is similar to Uber, Grab, ... but they are more commonly used in Germany, covering more than 30 cities of this country.

Using a taxi - Transportation in GermanyTaxis are an expensive means of transportation in Germany

4. Use bus or tram

To find convenient means of transportation in Germany , consider the bus. Because the bus network in Germany is quite developed, you can see them everywhere in this country, making it easy to move to the sights in the city. Along with that, the price of the bus is quite cheap, so many tourists choose to be the main means of transportation.
In addition, the Strassenbahnen tram here is also a good choice. Because of the fast moving speed, no worry of traffic jams, the use of an independent route.

Bus is also a cheap and quality means of transportation in GermanyGerman buses are cheap public transport in Germany

5. Use the U-Bahn subway

For locals, the U-Bahn subway is also a popular means of transportation in Germany . Because the route is convenient, close to the attractions and cheap price, suitable for all classes. More specifically, the travel frequency of the train depends on the needs of customers. For example, on weekends, holidays or peak hours, a subway train will be added to serve everyone. However, please note that you need to buy a ticket before boarding the train and vending trees are available throughout the city and train stations.

Submarine U-Bahn - Transportation in GermanyU-Bahn submarine pictures

6. Use the S-Bahn train

The S-Bahn train is serviced by suburban routes. In terms of operation, the S-Bahn is similar to the tram and bus network in Germany. However, the number of users is usually less, as the scale of service is mainly directed to areas outside of the city. To identify S-Bahn ships often have the symbol S. For example, ships S1, S2, S3, ...

S-Bahn train - The most popular means of transport in GermanyExplore the suburbs of the city on the S-Bahn train

7. Using ICE high speed train

Another means of transport in Germany for long trips is the ICE high-speed train. This train company belongs to the German railway company Deutsche Bahn, which specializes in intercity trips, so if you want to explore cities in Germany, the ICE train is a great choice. This type of train moves very fast, with a speed of up to 300km / h, but the price is also a bit expensive.
In addition, the Deutsche Bahn company also has another type of ship called the regional ship. This type of train usually picks up and drop off passengers at fixed stations, the travel speed is slower than the ICE train and the price is cheaper than ICE.

8. Using Flixbus and Blalabus vehicles

This type of bus is like an intercity bus, making it easy to travel to and from cities in Germany. Although the speed is slower than taking the train, but the price is very cheap, helping you save a lot of money in the journey to explore Germany.

Flixbus cars - Vehicles in GermanyFlixbus bus station in Germany

Above is a summary of the most commonly used means of transport in Germany . Hopefully with this information you will choose a suitable means of transportation, making your trip more convenient.

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