Wandering Black Forest - Grimm fairy tale home

Why is the Black Forest the inspiration for composing many German fairy tales? Try wandering Black Forest once and record the magical experience in this fairytale forest!
Referring to Germany, many people think of ancient architecture, or a long-standing culture. However, this country also has a famous place, just to mention many people, oh well. It is the Black Forest of Germany , home to many Grimm fairy tales, of a chrysanthemum clock, ... 

Lost in the Black Forest - the home of Grimm fairy talesExplore the Black Forest of Germany

The name Black Forest is derived from the current forest status here, because almost all year round, there is no sunlight strong enough to penetrate the dense forest trees here. Lost inside the forest, covered only by a dark green color, the Black forest exuded a magical look and made guests curious, yearning for a visit.

Coordinates Black Forest Germany 

The Black Forest is located in the southwestern state of Baden - Wuerttemberg with a large area up to 12000m3, surrounded by the Rhine valley and 1493m high at the top of Mount Feldberg - this is the highest peak in the region, with forests and mountain ranges adjacent, swiftly flowing rivers and waterfalls. 
Black Forest has become a famous tourist destination in Germany , especially for those who love nature. Passionate about exploring and wandering, you can visit here regardless of season of the year, spring to skiing in Feldberg, in summer, go windsurfing on the lake or Titisee. Winter, if you like to watch snow, or ski, you can also satisfy here.
Summer, sightseeing, hiking, swimming ... The most touristy time, lasts from June to August, so if you want to go at this time, be sure to book accommodation first.

Lost in the Black Forest - the home of Grimm fairy tales

There are many types of perennial trees in this forest, especially fir and pine trees. Belonging to a large ancient tree, the branches grow dense, obscuring the sun, making the forest always covered with a dense fog. It is the dense dark green space that makes visitors coming here for the first time could not help but be startled if they take a break from the cold wind. Because of this, people often think of mysterious stories that are somewhat dreamy with many hidden mysteries.
Black Forest in Germany is divided into 3 regions North - Central - South based on the distribution of trees. In the north is the primeval forest, which has remained its original state, with most of the trees covered in dark green color.
The central area of ​​Black Forest is a small town with a typical hot bath. Most tourists will stop here to rest and it is not difficult to find beautiful little bungalows built to serve tourists, with equally fairytale architecture.
The more we go south of the Black Forest, the dense forests are less and less large and are instead used for fodder.
From the trail on the edge of the forest, going deep into the Black Forest in Germany , everyone feels like they are lost in the colorful fairy world, where the scent of nature is full of grass and there are seeds of morning mist. The deeper they explore, the more people find the pure beauty that nature has bestowed on this mysterious forest.

Lost in the Black Forest of GermanyAlso an attractive destination for nature lovers

To this ancient land can not ignore the old castles, there are about 17,000 castles and ancient citadels once built in the Black Forest. In addition, taking a train through the Höllental valley, visiting the Furtwangen clock museum , trekking through pristine roads ... is a once-in-a-lifetime experience when visiting the Black Forest.

Autumn: Hunting for the new color of Black Forest

If autumn is the tourist season of Germany , autumn is also the most vibrant season of the Black Forest, visitors visit bustling, the whole forest changes colors, shed the dark blue into yellow and then red, and and the rays of sunlight pierce the forest.
The vegetation seems to be changed color, each herd of small giraffes leisurely feed to prepare for the coming winter, if there is a charm, you can see rare birds and squirrels stray in the forest.
In Germany, the international airport closest to the north of the Black Forest is Frankfurt . If you plan to go from the south, then Zurich and Basel are the two closest airports. Alternatively, you can go to Black Forest by bus and train. Or if you want the freedom to explore according to your schedule, renting a car is always an ideal option.
It is not natural that the Black Forest in Germany becomes an endless source of inspiration for many artists. Visiting here, feeling the mysteries of nature, will surely make you unable to leave.

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