At the beginning of the year, worshiping Sapa Kim Son Bao Thang pagoda

 Kim Son Pagoda Bao Thang Sapa is located near the roof of Indochina Fansipan. Here is the largest Buddha statue in our country.

Kim Son Bao Thang pagoda in SapaChiem worship Kim Son Bao Thang Sapa early this year. Photo: Cong Luan


About Kim Son Pagoda in Lao Cai

This temple was built in 2015 in the scenic complex on top of Fansipan , in Sapa, Lao Cai province. Every year, many Buddhists come to worship, especially on the occasion of the New Year.

The campus of Kim Son Bao Thang Tu pagoda includes many outstanding Vietnamese-style and massive architectural works, such as Dai Hung Bao Dien with many miraculously carved Buddha statues of jackfruit wood and painted lacquer silver as three statues of Shakyamuni, Tam The Buddha, Guan Yin and Yang thousand eyes, Muc Lien - Jizō, Buddha Maitreya statue, ... All these works are connected together in a whole in harmony with the majestic nature of the great Northwest.


Kim Son Bao Thang Pagoda Sapa-levietkhanhMassive spiritual architecture on Mount Fansipan. Photo: Levietkhanh


The complex of spiritual works on the top of Fansipan is built entirely of natural wood, with funny nose tile roofs, delicate curves, narrow steps, minimalist but strong, sophisticated carvings ... Each detail of ants, like Bich Van Thien Tu and Kim Son Bao Thang, reminds of ancient Tran pagodas, from the 15-16 century.

About the stone paved courtyard, the three-door steps, the two dragons on the two sides, the floral pattern carved on the censer in front of the yard ... as existed in this place hundreds of years ago.


Kim Son Bao Thang pagoda is majesticAlong explore the sacred temple in the midst of thousands. Photo:

Explore the works at Kim Son Bao Thang pagoda in Sapa

Located on the main axis of Bich Van Thien Tu, Dai Hong Chung guard station is also called Vong Linh Cao Dai, helping visitors to broaden their views, towards the beautiful corner of the immense plains and the deep blue horizon. The building is 35 m high, includes 5 floors, has a vertical layout with 8 roof bell floors, reminiscent of typical architectural features of famous ancient temples such as Tay Phuong pagoda, But Thap pagoda, Keo pagoda ...


Kim Son Pagoda Bao Thang Sapa - Vong Linh Cao Dai ProjectVong Linh Cao Dai Project. Photo:


Not far from Dai Hong Chung is the largest statue of Amitabha Buddha in Vietnam , 21.5 m high - This is also the tallest bronze Buddha statue in Vietnam. The project is assembled from 0.5 cm thick copper plates on a steel frame with a volume of 1,000 m3. The investor does not choose to inlaid with gold, but paints the surface to make the statue a dark color, avoiding the contrast with the surrounding space.


Kim Son Pagoda Bao Thang Sapa - temple sceneryThe spiritual complex attracts visitors every new year. Photo: Holiday Indochina


The great sacred Buddha statue attracts Buddhists from all directions to worship and pray for peace every New Year. This place is also the starting point of the "spiritual path" on the roof of Indochina, connecting Arhat Street - where 18 Arhat statues are displayed in bronze, up to 2.5 m high, the bronze statue of Quan The Am Bodhisattva, 11-storey stupa and Kim Son Bao Thang Tu complex.

The bronze statue of Guan Yin is 9 m high, resting on a high rock, at the end of La Han Street, in front of Kim Son Bao Thang Tu. This is a sacred destination, many people come to pray for peace for the family in this year's Vu Lan season.

From the bronze statue of Quan Am, visitors continue to walk up near the top area to visit the 11-storey sandstone stupa exploited from the Central. The work is located in Kim Son Bao Thang Tu complex, 20 m high, inherited architecture of Pho Minh pagoda in Nam Dinh.


chua-kim-son-bao-thang-sapa7 - 11-storey stupaFar away is the 11-storey Chedi. Photo: Son Tra


How to go to Kim Son Bao Thang pagoda

When traveling to Sa Pa town, you have two ways to go to this sacred temple:

The first way, take the cable car to the top of Fansipan (700k / time) if you are from outside the province, and 500k / time for indigenous people. It takes about 25 minutes to reach the top of Fansipan.

The second way, following the tour to get to Fansipan will take about 2 days 1 night to reach the top. Cost from 1700k / tour or more (including food, sleep, rest and support when going up). When you reach the top of Fansipan you have two ways to move onto the Buddha statue. One is to take the train with a cost of 100k per person per person, the second way you can walk to get there.

Note when visiting Kim Son Bao Thang pagoda in Sapa

- The weather at the top of Fansipan is generally colder than the temperature in Sapa, so you should prepare warm clothes to keep warm, in addition, wear sports shoes for convenient transportation and visit the temple.

- When going to the Buddha's ceremony, you should burn incense at the top placed outside, limit burning incense inside the pagoda, because it can affect the Buddha statue, Dharma gas.

- Should not buy gold votive, money in the underworld to worship Buddha. Real money should not be put in condemnation to the main hall, but must be put in the merit box.

- In the Buddhist hall, the Three Jewels should not wear shoes, chew betel nut, or smoke. Because this is a sanctuary, requires precepts to maintain pure.

- When the ceremony, the Buddha must dress simply and cleanly, especially not wearing short skirts, shorts, revealing shirts, ...

Located in the source of spiritual energy,  Kim Son Bao Thang Sapa Pagoda - the shape of a Vietnamese temple on the roof of Indochina urges tourists and Buddhists to come together to find worship. The pagoda is not only attracted by the majestic beauty, but also by the closeness in the traditional architectural space.

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