'Break into' Bac Ha fair in Lao Cai to experience upland culture

 Bac Ha fair is one of the most famous upland markets in Lao Cai. Visitors coming here not only can immerse themselves in the unique cultures of the ethnic minorities, but also experience countless interesting things, as well as enjoy many delicious and attractive specialties of the mountains. . So what are you waiting for, let's explore the fair too this article.

Bac Ha fair is one of the most famous upland markets in Lao Cai and is also an interesting weekend meeting place for domestic and foreign tourists. Not only come to shop, to be immersed in the exciting and bustling atmosphere, but also freely learn with the unique cultural beauty of the ethnic people at the market. All bring unforgettable experiences in the journey to explore the upland market in Bac Ha .

Introduce briefly about the famous Bac Ha fair in Lao CaiAbout the fair market in Bac Ha


Bac Ha fair market address

Bac Ha upland market is located in Bac Ha town, Bac Ha district, Lao Cai province. For a long time, this place has become an attractive destination that anyone who comes to Lao Cai wants to participate in this upland market once.

What day does Bac Ha fair meet? It is known that the market is only suitable on Sunday weekend, from early morning to early afternoon at about 14 pm, the market begins to melt. Therefore, to get the best experience at Bac Ha market, you should come here early in the morning to have enough time to visit and explore interesting things at the market.

In addition, the fair only takes place during the day. So, take advantage of the time to combine visiting the market with tourist attractions in Bac Ha  .


Search for Bac Ha fair market address Check-in photographed on the way to Bac Ha market


Guide to Bac Ha fair market

In terms of geographical location, this Bac Ha market is not too far from the city center, only about 65km, so you can completely go to the fair by many means such as: Bus, car, car machine,…

If you use a bus to go from Lao Cai city center to Bac Ha, it will take about 150 minutes to travel. If you go by motorbike or private car, the time will be shorter, only about 2 hours to reach the destination.

The road to Bac Ha fair market is not too difficult, if from Sapa (the road is chosen by many tourists) you move along the way to Coc Leu bridge -> go straight to Highway 70 -> to Bac Ngam intersection, then You turn left and go to Bac Ha.

Many of you ask that, how many km from Bac Ha market is Sapa , it is estimated about 135km. If you follow the above road, you will take about 4 hours to travel to the center of Bac Ha market. The road is quite simple, you can combine to ask the local people for directions to avoid getting lost while moving.


Explore Bac Ha fair market from dormitory by motorbikeComing here by motorbike will have a great experience


Experiences at Bac Ha fair

Even if you participate in the fair in any highland, there are also different interesting experiences. And when you go to Bac Ha market, the first thing you should do is:


Discover highland cuisine

Right on the main road to the market, you will see food stalls sprouting up close together. There is no need for luxurious space or beautifully decorated dishes, but the food stalls are still crowded with customers to enjoy. Perhaps because the taste of the typical dishes of the highland people conquered the tastes of customers. In particular, the food here must say is super cheap, only about 5 - 30k, you can enjoy countless attractive dishes. From snacks such as cakes, fruits, to specialties there are many.

In particular, when exploring the cuisine at Bac Ha fair , do not ignore the traditional food of the people here, that is triumphant - The dish is made from animal organs such as: Buffalo, cow, pig, ... but the most popular is the horse.

Along with that, do not forget to sip a little more corn wine with the dishes to enjoy the full taste of upland cuisine.


Discover cuisine while participating in Bac Ha fairEnjoy a hot dish at Bac Ha market

Experience shopping at Bac Ha market

After enjoying delicious food at the market, shopping is also a very interesting activity. There are many different items sold here, but the most prominent you can visit are: The super beautiful ornamental plants, orchids with extremely cheap prices (Only about 100k), the herbs, precious medicinal plants, ...

Or you can also go to the area to buy and sell dogs, cats, or other livestock and poultry to raise. Especially the dog breeds here are always interested in tourists, because the dogs here are beautiful and quite intelligent.

In addition, you should also buy souvenirs as gifts for relatives when exploring Bac Ha fair, which is also very meaningful such as: Brocade products, necklaces, bracelets, bags, scarves , ... ..


Attractive and interesting experiences when going to Bac Ha fairA view of Bac Ha highland fair


Sightseeing and taking pictures

Finally, the photos are the place to keep your memories when coming to Bac Ha market. Do not worry about photography, because the people here are very friendly and hospitable. They not only allow you to take pictures, but also enjoy socializing. So when you join the fair, you will easily see the image of the shopkeeper talking to customers, as well as taking pictures together.


Experience Bac Ha fair tourismTake virtual live photos when going to Bac Ha highland market


Participating in Bac Ha fair is a very wonderful and memorable experience. Therefore, if you have the opportunity to set foot in Lao Cai, but miss this market is a very unfortunate thing. And hopefully, with the detailed information about the highland market in Bac Ha above, you will have a journey to life. Have fun!

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