Korean Arirang Festival - the largest co-event in the world

 There are not many major events, but once it is held, North Korea will make the world admire and surprise, typically the Arirang festival.

About the Arirang festival

The Arirang ( Arirang Mass Games ) is a major festival held annually at the Rungrado May Day Stadium in Pyongyang, North Korea .

The first festival took place from August to October in 2002 to 2013, except 2006. After about 5 years of no organization, in 2018 until now it has come back and gained support large households of the Korean people.

In it, "Arirang" has a lot of meaning, according to some, it alludes to a Korean folktale, about a young couple torn apart by an evil landlord - a strong proof for the Korean class division, so organizing the Arirang festival with the participation of all ages and classes is a sign of the desire for equality in society.

Others say: This monumental festival opens an epic story about how the North Korean nation of Arirang - a peaceful and peaceful country in the East has ended in history of suffering and prosperity. As a dignified country with the song 'Arirang'.

Moreover, the Arirang art festival program not only has the participation of Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un but also Korean presidents such as President Roh Moo-hyun in 2007 and President Moon Jae-in in 2018. 

In particular, this festival is also recognized by the Guinness World Records as the largest gymnastics show with 100,090 people and the giant collages created by thousands of students have also been recorded in the record book for being a picture the largest on Earth. So, this is a festival that you should not miss if traveling to North Korea at this right time.


glowing light - interesting point of the Korean Arirang FestivalThe festival achieved many world records (Photo @uritours)


What's the interesting thing about Arirang?

The Arirang Mass Sports Congress tells the history of the DPRK, such as: their struggle against the Japanese army, the Korean war and the nation's rebuilding completely devastated, including: flipped, live music and even taekwondo performance.

Everyone 5 years of age or older is able to participate in this event, they will be selected based on their skill level to serve the festival for many consecutive years, and so on until the break retired.

Just before the start of each show, there were many crowds on the streets and outside the stadium singing and parading together creating an exciting and bustling atmosphere, making the tourists feel too happy to follow.

The Arirang Festival opens with huge mosaics created by more than 30,000 children from eight schools in Pyongyang who are well-trained and disciplined. Each school has its own color: Seoseong (red and yellow), Pyeongcheon (blue and white), Daedonggang (blue and yellow), Moranbong (red and white), Botonggang (blue and white), Mangyeongdae (red and white). ), Daeseong (blue and white) and Rakrang (red and yellow).

Accordingly, each child will hold a large book and show the audience a page of the book, each of which forms a small "pixel" of the grand panorama that in fact would be viewed from above a giant mosaic. 

And then each time students turn a new page, the overall picture created will be different. Each student can have up to 170 pages in his or her book. The coordination here is important, whether it's for the people in the stands or those who are performing on stage.

That is also the purpose of the Arirang Gigs : emphasizing the importance of collective versus individuality and advising everyone to always unite to create a strong, never-eaten baking ground defeat.

In particular, during the Arirang festival there is also an important ideological figure setting the legacy and the political story of the Korean state with a focus on the Korean Workers' Party and its armed forces as President. Kim Nhat Thanh and the great Kim Jong-il.

These messages may be a bit confusing for foreign audiences, but for those who have learned about the culture of this country, you will surely know that: the image of sunrise means Kim Nhat Thanh, and one The gun is an object that Kim Il Sung gave to his son, Kim Jong Il.

In addition, the red color, especially in the flowers symbolizes the working class and the purple and red flower colors represent Kim Il-sung (since 'Kimilsungia' is purple orchid and 'Kimjongilia' flower is autumn) red seaway).

A snowy mountain with a lake represents Mount Paektu - a traditional symbol of North Korea and where Kim Jong-il is said to have been born in a log house in a fight against oppression Japan.

The other thing that's quite impressive is that, everyone across the country had to practice for several months before the event, in order for the show to be spectacular and wonderful.

If you want to know what a Guinness fitness performance is like, don't miss the Arirang festival in Korea .

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