Lost in the fairy scene at Truong Bach Korea Mountain

 Not the most famous destination in "the most mysterious country in the world", but the Truong Bach Korea mountain makes the trekking team fall in love with "no way out".

Introducing Truong Bach Korea mountain

Truong Bach Mountain ( Paekdusan ) or Mt. Paektu is an active volcano on the border of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea and the People's Republic of China, specifically in the northwest of the Samjiyon district, 385 kilometers from the capital Pyongyang and adjacent to China's northeastern province of Jilin, with an altitude of 2,744m and a total area of ​​up to 8,000 km2, is roughly the size of Jeollabuk-do. 


2744m - the height of the top of Truong Bach Korean mountainCheck in on the top of the mountain (Photo @ hey_jude119)


The name of Baekdu Mountain has been called in many different ways throughout its long history. The first name according to the document is Buham , which means "lord of heaven" because in a large wilderness area suddenly appeared an imposing mountain. In the ancient Joseon Dynasty of the Three Kingdoms it was called ' Taebaek '. Then, because the mountain top was covered with white snow for almost four seasons, and was made of white pumice, it was named " Paekdu " or "White Head" and is popular until now.

Koreans consider Mount Paektu not only the heart of the Korean Revolution to be regarded as the founding nation, but also the birthplace of ancestors and one of the three mountains of "spirits" (Jirisan, Hallasan and Paektusan. ) form the legendary foundation of North Korea. Therefore, it is always an attractive destination for domestic and foreign tourists.


What makes Truong Bach Korea so attractive?

1. The dreamy scene

As its name suggests, once you climb to the top of the mountain, you will surely be conquered by the very romantic and lyrical scene here. Everywhere, everywhere is covered by a pristine white color, when the light shines on, it becomes sparkling and strange.

Moreover, since it is the highest mountain in Korea, there will be no place to hunt for more "high quality" clouds than here. The feeling of being embraced by white clouds, which seem to take us lost in a dreamlike fairyland, will surely be happy not to speak.

However, the most impressive thing in Truong Bach North Korea is probably the giant crater lake called Chon (Heaven's Lake) located at the top.

More than a thousand years ago (AD 950), Paektu was the site of one of the biggest eruptions in human history, blanketing eastern Asia in ashes. Then the same big explosion caused the crater to collapse, forming a hole 4 km wide and today it is the deepest and coldest crater in the world.


Chon Lake - the highlight at Truong Bach North KoreaA poetic view of the lake (Photo @ juran918)


Chon Chon is a rare scenic spot in the world with a very poetic natural landscape. In the spring or summer, the lake water is clear and blue like a giant jade, especially surrounded by bare cliffs, so the water surface is extremely quiet, making you feel like you are standing in front of a picture such a beautiful landscape painting.

In the winter, the frozen lake becomes white, reflecting the sunlight, making the scene become as magical as real, so everyone can not help be surprised and overwhelmed.

2. Diverse ecosystem

Due to the large vertical change in climate, the difference in vegetation in the Truong Bach North Korean mountain range is very clear and diverse in types, with about 1,400 types of plants and 400 kinds of animals sharing the same species. 

If you consider the vegetation cover by elevation, the area from 500 - 1,050m is a mixed forest area: where conifers such as pine, spruce, poplar and broadleaf trees like trees birch, gorse, tree secretion intertwined.


Diverse flora in Truong Bach Korea mountainPlants living in diversity (Photo @ yu_m1314)


When the altitude reaches 1,750m, coniferous forests and coniferous primitive forests form a large sea. At an altitude of 2,100m, the maximum temperature in summer is not more than 10 degrees Celsius, the soil is barren and the wind is high, so there is only shrubland.

At an altitude of 2,100m or more is icy land, winter temperatures below -45 ℃, even more than 300 days a year, continuous fog and strong winds make it difficult to grow trees, so only Species withstand the harsh conditions such as hairy rhododendron, mushrooms, stone palm, round willow can live. 

In addition, in the Baekdu mountain area there are about 900 species of live medicinal plants, including: wild ginseng, deer velvet and velvet, musk, Dangsam, Hwanggi, Pyeongpaemo, Sesin, ... made it become a world-class natural medicinal zone.

The fauna here is not inferior to: Baekdu Mountain Tiger, Jaweed, Deer, Otter, Cheetah, Sari, Bear, Geumjeonpyo, Deer, Squirrel, Mink, Rabbit and Rabbit Mouse Alpine, Hogol, Antlers, ... with more than 130 species of birds such as: gourd, black stork, crow's beak, blue bird, jay bird, pheasant, yellow starling, yellow songbird, five color woodpecker, eagle owl and ringbird ... makes everyone unable to take their eyes off.


How to move to Truong Bach Korea mountain

The only way for foreign tourists to reach Truong Bach Korea Mountain is to fly from the capital Pyongyang to Samjiyon airport, then take the bus to the foot of the mountain. From here, visitors can take the mountain railway to the top of the mountain in about 5 minutes. However, the railway is unstable due to frequent power outages, so take the initiative to walk to the top along the winding road for about 40 minutes.

Also want to go from the top of the mountain to Chon Lake in the crater, you have to take the stairs down to the lake. The cable car is also a great choice because it saves time, but it should be noted that the cable car usually does not work due to power outages, so if you are lucky, you will only be able to use this vehicle.


Some note when coming to Truong Bach North Korea

Dress : Changbai mountain is in the coldest region of North Korea and the weather is prone to sudden changes. The wind on the top of the mountain is usually strong and cold, so every season needs warm clothes. If you go here, bring it along: waterproof, comfortable and non-slip shoes, preferably safety climbing shoes, raincoats, sun glasses (can even be used for protection from wind mixed with sand), sunscreen (as the sun on top can be very strong) ...

Best time to visit : Mt. Paektu is characterized by a cold continental climate. Spring starts at the end of May and the temperature does not exceed 20C in the summer. So this is the best time to visit.

Winter here lasts 8 months. The lake is covered with ice from October until June next year. Therefore, if you love winter and want to see snow, you can climb the mountain at this time. However, it should be noted that most of winter cannot be reached from the DPRK side, so it is best to go from the Chinese side.


winter - interesting time to visit Truong Bach Korea mountainGoing in winter to see the snow is also great (Photo @gakilau_)


July and August alone are often rainy and cloudy, the weather is tense, the road is very slippery, extremely unsafe, so this is the time not to visit the mountain most.

If you are a trekking fan, do not miss the wonderful experience at Truong Bach Korea Mountain .

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