Pyongyang cold noodles - the quintessence of Korean culinary culture

 If Vietnam is proud of pho, North Korea also has Pyongyang cold noodles worthy of the "national spirit of the nation", which makes many diners fall in love.

The origin of Pyongyang's cold noodles

According to a food book published in Korea in 1973, cold noodles (raengmyeon) first appeared in Uiam-dong, in the Daedong River area in Pyongyang in the middle of Goryeo period. 


Pyongyang cold noodles - a dish that has a long historyThis dish has been around for a long time (Photo @travelloner)


Originally, since buckwheat was a very difficult crop, until the mid-Joseon Dynasty it was still confined to a limited number of classes and minority areas. It was not until the end of Joseon Dynasty, when technology was more developed, people's lives were also improved, that cold noodle culture was spread everywhere.

Moreover, although this is a popular culture in other central regions such as: Hwanghae-do, Gyeonggi-do and Gangwon-do, because the taste of noodles made in Pyongyang is still the best, so When talking about cold noodles, people often think of the capital of Korea, and then the name " Pyongyang cold noodles " has become so famous today.


How to make cold noodles in Pyongyang

The main ingredient of the Korean specialty cold  noodles is buckwheat noodles. Buckwheat is a staple crop in the cold winter and due to its property of quickly evaporating gluten, it is very brittle when left in hot water, so that it can keep the shape of Korean noodles. Tien invented the culture of noodle rolls in unique cold soup.


Buckwheat noodles - the main ingredient that makes Pyongyang Cold Noodles Buckwheat noodles are darker than regular noodles (Photo @everygood)


In addition, the original cold buckwheat noodles used in Dongchimimul (radish broth) are cool, but in the summer, radish often has a bitter taste, so people have created by giving beef, meat. Pork and chicken are stewed together to sweeten the water.

When enjoying, the noodles will be placed in a large iron bowl, with strips of cold meat, kimchi, cucumbers, pears, and boiled eggs, sliced ​​to taste, with full color and flavor.


eye-catching ingredients - the attraction of Pyongyang Cold NoodlesNoodles are placed in a large bowl full of ingredients (Photo @ kur2cobain)

The irresistible appeal of the cold Pyongyang noodles

As you may not have known, North Korean food usually has a purer and clearer flavor than Korean food, so if you are used to the artificial flavors of some other food, cold noodles Pyongyang is likely to taste quite bland.

However, the harmonious combination of ingredients brings a quite enjoyable experience. Accordingly, when enjoying, you will find that the noodles are cold and crispy. The buckwheat rind will detach and create a great texture contrast when chewing, taking in a clear, cool, and mildly sweet broth, which will delight diners.


Clear broth - the highlight of Pyongyang's Cold Noodles Clear soup (Photo @michelle_bbjin)


Do not forget to eat it with a crispy cucumber, a sweet pear, a fragrant egg or a piece of cold meat, especially kimchi that is only available in Pyongyang, both sour, spicy, and sweet. Contains a lot of garlic, which is sure to make the flavor of Pyongyang cold buckwheat noodles more unique.


many side dishes - the interesting way of eating Pyongyang cold noodlesNoodles with many other dishes is also great (Photo @


If you are a person with a strong taste, you can also add soy sauce, red chili sauce, mustard or white vinegar to add flavor. However, according to the experience of the predecessors, you should give as little as possible or not at all, to be able to feel the pure flavor, characteristic of the ingredients, that's the soul of the dish This Korean delicious .


eat with hot peppers - a new way to eat cold noodles in PyongyangCan be served with hot peppers for flavor (Photo @eyecandyboxtv)


In particular, although this dish can be eaten all year round, it will be the best when eaten in the cold winter, where the feeling of the noodles going to see the cold there will be "high" like the joy of eating ice cream Strange winter of the children somewhere.


The ideal place to enjoy Pyongyang cold noodles

Initially, Pyongyang cold noodles - an iconic Korean dish were used only as the main dish on weddings, birthdays, business gatherings or other special occasions.

Until it was used during the dinner of the inter-Korean summit between the Supreme leader of North Korea - Kim Jong Un and South Korea's President Moon Jae-in, was later broadcast by popular TV channel of Korea. The US is CNN reported that the "peaceful flavor" noodle dish has created a "fever" all over the world, and is everywhere.

The most typical are the two adjacent countries like China and Korea. It will not be difficult to enjoy a bowl of cold noodles in Yanji - capital of the autonomous district of Korea in China or Dandong - a Chinese border city with North Korea. And do not be surprised if you are in Seoul to find restaurants promoting Pyongyang buckwheat noodles wildly and proudly.

However, in each country it will be changed by adding spices or mixing other grains in the noodle making process to suit the taste of people, even adding ice cubes to the dish. .


ice cubes in broth - the Korean way of eating Pyongyang cold noodlesSome places even put ice fish in a bowl of noodles (Photo @rekymus)


So, if you want to enjoy the original cold noodles, you must eat in Pyongyang, at the Okryugwan restaurant near the Daedong River - a famous landmark in North Korea, or big hotels like Yanggakdo or Sosan. Private cold noodle restaurant to eat after work. And if you're lucky, you might even be able to hear a Korean song dedicated to this famous national dish during your meal.

When the noodles with hot soup are too familiar to you, please "change the wind" with a trip to North Korea and usually eat the unique cold noodles Pyongyang .

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