Snow hunting experience in Sapa in beautiful season

 Sapa in the last days of winter is about to enter the season of plum blossoms, rock peach blossoms, ... and the snow season is falling in waves. However, not all guests are lucky to 'meet' the snow. So what is the experience of hunting snow in Sapa to 'hundred wins'?

Snow has always been a 'rare commodity' that many people want to see once in their life, even if it is cold or cold. According to experience hunting snow in Sapa , in addition to preparing suitable clothes to stay healthy, it is extremely important to capture weather information. 


Experience snow hunting in Sapa - LongmoonLucky couple taking wedding photos on the right snowy occasion. Photo: @Longmoon


Experience snow hunting in Sapa 'encyclopedia'

Everyone still jokes that, the weather decides to 40%, the remaining 60% has strong belief, you will surely be lucky to meet snow in Sapa. However, if you check the weather carefully, based on data from temperature, humidity and precipitation. Have your luggage ready to be sure to go now, congratulations, the chance of you meeting snow is enormous!

1. Watch the weather closely

The best time to come to Sapa to watch the snow is in the late winter and early spring. And not everywhere snow falls, areas such as Mount Fansipan, Silver waterfall, O Quy Ho pass, Y Ty, ...


Experience snow hunting in Sapa _vietnammoiWatch the weather carefully. Photo: Vietnammoi


Snow usually appears in the beginning and middle of January every year, when the temperature of the whole region is deep in the cold, from below 0 degrees or lower. Accompanied by cold deflection strengthened, will bring warmth and cause rain, 75% will appear snow. Low temperatures cause the water vapor in the clouds to stick together to form small snowflakes, the air cannot circulate and pull the clouds further, leading to snowfall. Therefore, monitoring the weather forecast closely is essential. 

And remember to watch the snow at dawn when the sun is not yet high, the snow has not melted, causing slippery, difficult to go and the higher the height, the more snowfall, the more pronounced.


2. What to prepare for snow hunting?

If you ride a motorbike, be sure to wear raincoats, glasses and shoes dedicated to keep heat and waterproof to protect your health, in addition use special tires for the slippery runway.


Wear a warm hat.  Photo: nguyenhongthutrang-1Wear a warm hat. Photo: @Nguyenhongthutrang


Medicines and foods that fight colds and keep warm are also something you must bring with you when traveling to stay warm when traveling in the cold season like snow. Examples include antidote, ginger lozenges.

Clothing, clothes keep heat, thick and warm to hunt snow without worrying about health. Of course, spare a waterproof life jacket so you don't have to worry about high-pitched times, causing moisture to seep into your clothes.

A few heat-retaining stickers are also a way to keep your body warm for longer, and enjoy taking pictures in the snow without fear of the ever-going freezing cold.

Note that for those of you with a camera, snow will wet the device when it melts, so you can have a nylon bag and necessary tools for your machine. To ensure safety, you should go in groups, fully charged batteries, so that you can communicate in an emergency.

3. Beautiful snow viewing locations in Sapa

At the time of snowfall, visitors are immersed in the amazingly beautiful shimmering scenery. Villages, towns, valleys, terraced fields cover every street, for those who have never seen snow, this is an unforgettable experience in life.


Experience snow hunting in Sapa-Kenh14Where to see the snow in Sapa is beautiful? Photo: Kenh14


So the snow hunting experience in Sapa , the full snow viewing locations in Sapa are places with high altitude above sea level, and are also famous Sapa tourist sites .

Fansipan peak - roof of Indochina with an altitude of 3143met. Every year, every time Sapa has snow, you will see the snow scene appearing from dawn on the top of Fan with a fairly thick density, the trees are white. 

Y Ty Pass - Bat Xat Commune, from Sapa tourism experience , this is one of the beautiful snow hunting places in the North and is often chosen by many tourists. Bat Xat commune has quite thick, heavy snowfall and continuously forms a white snow field. The white snowflakes falling on the roof and on the trees create a beautiful and romantic winter scene.


Experience snow hunting in Sapa - Y TyY Ty beautiful place to watch snow. Photo: Kenh14


O Quy Ho Pass is one of the four great peaks of our country, lying across the Hoang Lien Son range like a winding silk. In winter, when the temperature is lowest, visitors will have the opportunity to admire the snow falling on the pass, and stand from the top of the pass to capture the beautiful panorama of Sapa's white snow below from the houses, canopies forest trees to valleys, ...

4. Travel, how to move?

You can go to Sapa by motorbike, bus or train depending on the means that travel time is from 5 - 8 hours. However, on the occasion of ice and snow, it is quite cold and the runway can be slippery, you should consider choosing when traveling by motorbike, but take a bus, limouse for convenience, warmth and safety than.

There are many bus companies running directly from Hanoi to Sapa, even in the snow there are more booster vehicles, but because of the increasing demand for 'snow hunting' of tourists, you need to book in advance to ensure travel. My progress and in case the ticket is sold out.

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