Travel Sapa in December to immerse yourself in the snow paradise

 Discovering Sapa each time, with its own unique scenes, with different interesting experiences. In which, Sapa tourism in December is considered the highest tourist season because Sapa space is now immersed in white snow, providing a very impressive space.

Learn about weather Sapa in December

Winter in Sapa starts from late November to February next year. In which, the beginning of December is the time of season change, the low temperature is about 10-18 degrees. But by the end of December, going into the official winter, the temperature is only 5 - 10 degrees Celsius. At night the temperature can drop extremely low, sometimes only - 2 to 3 degrees Celsius. That is why, on the top of Fansipan - Roof of Indochina, there is often frost and snow.


Learn about weather and climate when traveling to Sapa in DecemberWeather in Sapa at the end of December often snows


What to wear to Sapa in December?

Choosing the right clothes for the weather is extremely important, to ensure a convenient and safe trip for your health. So what to wear when traveling to Sapa in December ? According to Sapa tourism experience , December is winter in Sapa, the coldest time. Especially at night, the temperature can drop below sub-zero. Therefore, you need to prepare yourself for seasoned outfits such as: wool hats, earplugs, thick clothing (water resistant as possible, because winter in Sapa often snows), shoes. Sports, gloves, scarves and especially thermostats are also very important, to keep the body warm.


Traveling to Sapa in December you need to prepare seasoned clothes to keep your body warmPrepare baggage attire when traveling to Sapa in December


Interesting experiences when traveling to Sapa in December

Sapa is always a tourist attraction, especially when coming here in December, you will have a memorable experience.

Cloud hunting : Perhaps this is an activity that many tourists love the most. The time to hunt for clouds usually takes place from October to the end of April. December is considered the most beautiful cloud hunting month. Because at this moment, appearing right in front of you is a space like a fairyland, clouds floating around. That scene makes visitors overwhelmed, amazed by its impressive beauty.


Cloud hunting - Attractive experience when traveling to Sapa in DecemberTraveling to Sapa in December do not miss the very interesting cloud hunting experience


Witnessing space Sapa snow white government : If you're wondering tourism Sapa December nothing is snow, is the 'specialty' of this place. At that time, the entire town was like a snowy paradise, the dew droplets gathered on the leaves like crystals. This scene, bringing in a numb beauty, makes any visitors coming here do not give full praise and are looking for shooting angles for virtual life.

However, December is only the beginning of winter, so to witness the snow, it usually only appears at the end of December onwards.


Watching snow fall - Interesting experience when traveling to Sapa in DecemberWatch the snow fall in Sapa


Exploring the ice tunnel and crystal pine : Another experience that any visitor to Sapa is interested in is the icy tunnel and the crystal pine. These projects are built by Sun Group and located right next to the Fansipan cable car, so they are very convenient for moving.

Around the tunnel and crystal pine trees, there are fake snow sprayers, with large capacity, is the ideal check-in place for girls living virtual. Sure, you will get 'So Deep' photos when you arrive here.


explore ice and snow tunnels and crystal pine trees - Experience when traveling to Sapa in DecemberCheck-in virtual living in crystal pine trees in Sapa


Christmas in Sapa: One of the interesting things when traveling to Sapa in December is the Christmas experience. Especially to welcome Christmas with your half love, what else is better? The whole town is decorated with colorful shimmering lights, the cold space adds to the romance, making love more passionate. Especially, couples traveling to Sapa during the Christmas season do not forget to visit the stone church, there will be many interesting things waiting for you.


Welcome noel - Experience when traveling to Sapa in DecemberTraveling to Sapa in December, you will have the opportunity to welcome Noel


Watching winter flowers in Sapa: Perhaps you will think of winter, you will think that natural space is bare, trees wither with cold temperatures. But in fact, winter in Sapa is the 'quality' flower viewing season. The cherry blossom gardens are in full bloom, the triangular vascular flower gardens at the end of the crop are still very beautiful, plum blossom forests are opening their buds,… All bring a fresh, impressive natural space.


See the cherry blossoms - Experience when traveling to Sapa in DecemberDecember in Sapa is the season of cherry blossoms in full bloom


Experience the festivals in Sapa: What many tourists like the most when traveling to Sapa in December is the opportunity to participate in many exciting and special festivals here such as: Fire Dance Festival of the Red Dao , welcome Christmas, New Year's Eve, ... along with many interesting events taking place at the end of the year in Sapa.

Conquering Mount Fansipan: Going to Sapa without conquering Mount Fansipan is considered not to be in Sapa yet, everyone. Because this is one of the most famous tourist destinations in Sapa . Although you can conquer the mountain at any time, winter, especially December is the most ideal time. Because this is the dry season with little rain, the way is easy and convenient. Not only that, the cool air will help you feel less tired than climbing on hot summer days.

Those are the great experiences when traveling to Sapa in December that you should not miss. Hopefully these information and suggestions will have you a complete and memorable journey to discover Sapa.

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