Coming to Quang Ninh Khe Che Lake, I thought I was 'lost in the fairy'

 Quang Ninh Ho Khe Che has a charming landscape of mountains and water, is an ideal destination to mingle with nature and dispel all fatigue of life. Let's explore what this beautiful oasis is so attractive?

The address of Khe Che Lake, Quang Ninh

Where is Khe Che Lake in Quang Ninh ? Ho Khe Che is located in Ba Xa village, An Sinh commune, Dong Trieu town, Quang Ninh province. The entire area of ​​Khe Che lake is about 276 hectares, this place has a temperate and cool climate all year round. Khe Che Lake is a barren hill with a large lake for agricultural irrigation. The area around the lake is surrounded by green trees and mountains, creating a beautiful lyrical landscape. Since then, Khe Che lake has been developed more food services and resorts to become an attractive weekend entertainment destination for many tourists. 

Quang Ninh Khe Che Lake - where is the address
Khe Che Lake is an attractive tourist destination for tourists in Quang Ninh


The best time to go to Quang Ninh Khe Che Lake 

Quang Ninh tourism, exploring Khe Che Lake you can go at any time of the year is ideal. Specifically, the period from April to October is sunny and with high humidity suitable for sightseeing and swimming. From December to March next year is the cold season, although you cannot swim in lakes or streams, you will be able to admire the beautiful golden foliage. 

For a full trip to Quang Ninh Khe Che Lake , you should also check the weather forecast before going. Because if you are not lucky enough to go right in the rainy season, your trip will be affected more or less. 

Khe Che Lake Quang Ninh - a good time
You can go to Khe Che Lake at any time of the year. Photo: ximgo


How to move to Quang Ninh Khe Che Lake

Experience Dong Trieu Khe Che Lake , to explore this famous place from Hanoi you can go by bus, train, self-drive car or motorbike. As follows: 

- Passenger car: Depart from Gia Lam bus station, Giap Bat, My Dinh ... to Quang Ninh. The garage you can refer to as: Dai Phat, Phuc Xuyen, Duc Phuc, Kumho with prices ranging from 100,000 VND to 120,000 VND. Or take the Limousine to get a shuttle on the spot, the price is about 200,000 VND / person higher. You should remind the garage to drop down to Dong Trieu town.

Train: If you have a lot of time and want to see the beautiful scenery, you can go by train. Take the train from Yen Vien station to Quang Ninh and stop at Ha Long station. Then, take a bus or taxi to Dong Trieu town. 

- Motorbike: If you are in a group of friends or in good health, you can go by motorbike. The distance from Hanoi to Quang Ninh is about 200km, travel time is 4-5 hours. If you do not know the path you can look up on google maps. The way is as follows: Direction of National Highway 5 to Sai Dong junction turn to Highway 1A in the direction of Bac Ninh. Then follow the road 18 to Pha Lai -> Chi Linh -> Dong Trieu. 

For those of you in the Saigon area who want to explore Quang Ninh Khe Che Lake , you can fly to Noi Bai airport (Hanoi) and follow the instructions above. Or fly straight to Van Don airport (Quang Ninh) and take a bus, taxi to Dong Trieu to explore Khe Che Lake. 

Khe Che Lake is about 10km from Dong Trieu town center, you can take a bus, motorbike or taxi with travel time about 15 minutes. The lake gate area has parking, you can park your car here for a fee. 

Interesting experiences when going to Khe Che Quang Ninh Lake 

What is Quang Ninh Lake Khe Tea ? Seeing the beautiful nature, fishing, swan boat swimming, organizing a BBQ party, enjoying specialties ... are interesting experiences when coming to Khe Che Lake. 

Admire the beautiful natural scenery

Visitors will be overwhelmed with the beautiful scenery like the fairyland of Khe Che Lake, surrounded by majestic mountains and in front of the large lake. Khe Che Lake is beautiful every moment of the day, most impressive when sunset falls. At this time, the red sun and the blue color of the lake bed create a beautiful scene. Visiting Khe Che Lake, visitors can take a walk to admire the fresh natural scenery, dispel all fatigue of life. 

Quang Ninh Khe Che Lake - beautiful view
Admire the beautiful natural scenery


If you come to Khe Che Lake in summer, you will enjoy every cool breeze and bathe in the lake. In winter, the lake surface is covered with a beautiful mist like a water-color painting. In particular, around Khe Che Lake, there are beautiful purple simpe flower hills for virtual live photography.

Quang Ninh Khe Che Lake - admire the sunset
Enjoy the beautiful sunset at Khe Che Lake


Rent a boat to ride duck, fish, run canoe ... 

Interesting experiences when going to Khe Che Quang Ninh Lake that is loved by many young people are, duck riding, canoeing, renting buoys for bathing or going fishing. The water in Khe Che Lake is clear and blue, and you can rent a duck boat or swan boat to admire the scenery around the lake. Especially, Khe Che lake bed has many kinds of fish, you can rent rod to fish and enjoy your achievements. 

Quang Ninh Khe Che Lake - boat rental
Rent a duck boat at Khe Che Lake

Camp, picnic and have a BBQ

If you are traveling with a family or a large group, you can organize a camping and barbecue. Around the Khe Che Lake area there are beautiful lawns, you can bring tarpaulins and bowls, grill and loudspeaker. In addition, you can also enjoy many specialties such as carp, horse fish, fruit fish, grilled chicken ... that are naturally raised in the garden. 

Quang Ninh Khe Che Lake - the ideal camping site for families
Khe Che Lake is an ideal camping spot for families


If you do not want to camp, you can choose the resorts at Khe Che Lake . There are 13 rooms that are fully equipped with clean amenities for resort guests. 

Khe Che Lake Quang Ninh - a resort in Khe Che Lake
Resort in Khe Che Lake


Notes when going to Quang Ninh Khe Che Lake

Let's "note" to the following notes to have fun and explore Khe Che Lake with the most memorable memories: 

- If you go to Khe Che lake in summer, you should bring a hat and sunscreen. Besides, you should also prepare medicines, medical equipment ... 

- Buying gifts while going to Khe Che lake, you can choose from a lot of specialties such as sa gourd, sea cucumber, Quang Yen sour spring rolls, Ha Long squid cake ... 

- Admission fee to visit Khe Che Lake is free.

- At Khe Che Lake, there are two toilets fully equipped to serve the needs of visitors. 

If you are looking for a place with beautiful natural scenery, fresh air to relax on the weekend, Quang Ninh Khe Che Lake is the ideal destination that you should not miss. 

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