'Fever' with the mesmerizing Da Egg Beach in Quy Nhon

 Referring to Quy Nhon, many people will think of attractive destinations such as Eo Gio, Ky Co, Cu Lao Xanh, ... But there is a name that not everyone knows is Da Egg beach. This is a place to visit, watch the sea combined with enjoying delicious seafood. 

About Quy Nhon Da Egg beach 

Bai Da Egg is a place of Ghenh Rang tourist site, about 3km from Quy Nhon city. Coming here, many visitors will have to admire when witnessing the countless smooth, elongated rocks like "big" dinosaur eggs arranged by nature to create a sea barrier. The feeling of walking bare feet gently on the cool stones will bring a very wonderful feeling. 


About Quy Nhon Da Egg beachEgg Stone Beach 

Da Egg Beach is 100km wide with many different colored and sized egg rocks. Especially there are tablets weighing tens of kg or over 100kg. This is considered an extremely impressive size 


History of the name of Da Egg beach 

Quy Nhon Da Egg Beach  was formed by geological movement combined with the erosion of the sea that took place a few million years ago. There is an oral anecdote that: Da Egg beach was also known as "Hoang Hau beach" because in the past, King Bao Dai's wife Nam Phuong Hoang Hau chose this area as a private beach for me. Over time, many acquaintances called "Hoang Hau beach". 


Tourism Quy Nhon Da Egg beach (Photo: nhatha.phan)


Road to Da Egg beach Ghenh Rang tourist area 

To reach Da Egg beach , it will take you about 10 minutes by taxi from Quy Nhon station or if it takes only 3 minutes from Quy Nhon bus station to reach this place. 


Explore Quy Nhon Egg Stone Beach (Photo: mumphung)


Ideal time to visit Quy Nhon Da Egg beach

According to Quy Nhon tourist experience , the most appropriate time to travel to Da Egg beach is the end of spring and early summer. At this time, the climate is cool, fresh, with no rain, but instead is gentle sunshine. Especially at this moment, the sea water is very clear and blue, very suitable for relaxation and discovery. 


The beauty of Quy Nhon Egg Stone Beach 

When you first arrive at Da Egg beach , you will surely be captivated by the clear blue sky combined with the lilting color coming from the sea. Those were waves crashing, the murmuring sound of the wind. When the sun shines down, the whole sea is as green as gold. And perhaps the most wonderful thing is to touch your feet on the stone "dinosaur eggs".  

The special thing here is probably that the stones are white, sometimes the sea turns gray. There are also very beautiful patterns on those rocks. All create a "natural masterpiece" that not all waters have. 


Enchanting beauty in Quy Nhon Da Egg beach (Photo: ellenguyen05)


Standing here, relax your soul to listen to the waves crashing, watching the coastal city of Quy Nhon at the same time gentle and loving. 

Especially, coming to Da Egg beach , visitors will enjoy many delicious coastal specialties such as: crab, scallops, crabs, snails, shrimp, squid, fish, ... and many unique dishes at the restaurants near. 


What to eat when coming to Quy Nhon Da Egg beachFresh seafood at Da Egg beach

Tourist attractions near Quy Nhon Da Egg beach 

Mu Han Mac Tu  

Coming to Quy Nhon, many of you will certainly remember the famous poet Han Mac Tu because this is the place where the poet lived lonely days and suffered many illnesses in Phong Quy Hoa village. Since then, he has composed many immortal poems. After his death, his grave was buried in this place, now in the tourist resort Ghenh Rang.


Tourist destination near Da Egg beach - Han Mac Tu grave Mu Han Mac Tu


Visiting Han Mac Tu's grave, burning fragrant incense to pray for the soul of the deceased poet, expressing his mourning for a talented but fateful poet. Certainly, every piece of incense that visitors visit becomes a comfort to Han Mac Tu. 


Ghenh Rang Church

Ghenh Rang stone church is hidden under the area for the electricity of Han Mac Tu poet's grave, so many people do not know it. However, once arrived, it surprised visitors by the beautiful architecture, cool interior space. Step inside, you will admire and know more about the architecture of the Buddhist church. In addition, the peaceful and warm scenery is also what many people like. 

This work was officially started on February 2, 1963 and in August 1964, it was completed. Over a long period of existence, the church was first restored in 2007. The space was beautifully renovated from outside to inside.


Bai Tien Sa

Tien Sa beach is known as a mini version of Nha Trang beach in Quy Nhon. This place is famous for its countless straight pine trees in the golden sun and blue sea. Here, visitors will no longer have to wonder why this sea is called with such a beautiful name. Especially when seeing with my own eyes the mesmerizing scenery of heaven and earth intersecting with rivers and mountains, it is difficult to say words to express. 

From Tien Sa beach to the top of Ghenh Rang, you will see the whole charming Quy Nhon beach with deep blue sea. The highlight is the surrounding mountains combined with the immense space of the blue sky. Nature at that time was like a charming water painting. In addition, relaxing on the beach, watching the starry night sky is also a unique experience. 


Tourist destination near Da Egg beach - Tien Sa beachBai Tien Sa


Da Egg Beach makes many visitors, when arriving, do not want to leave because of the wild and unique beauty of the sea. This is an interesting destination in Quy Nhon, sunny and windy land. So invite a few friends to explore this fascinating place!

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