Quang Ninh Chong Da Mountain - a virtual living place with a 'better quality than distilled water' view

 Quang Ninh Chong Da Mountain is a beautiful virtual living check-in place in the midst of majestic natural scenery that many young people love every time they have the opportunity to visit the Mining land.  

Locate coordinates of Quang Ninh Chong Da Chong

Where is Chong Da Mountain in Quang Ninh ? Nui Da Chong is located in Minh Thanh ward, Quang Yen town, in sub-area 91, Bang Ca commune, Hoanh Bo district, Quang Ninh province. From Ha Long to Da Chong mountain about 40km andabout 18kmfrom Uong Bi . 

Chong Da Mountain of Quang Ninh - the address is where
Where is Chong Da Mountain in Quang Ninh? Photo: Manh Duc Tran


Quang Ninh Chong Da Mountain is a check-in place that young adventurers love to come when they have the opportunity to travel to Quang Ninh . To conquer Da Chong requires you to cross a very dangerous road. Da Chong Mountain is also known as the swaying cliff, with the rocks being stacked and protruding completely outside the edge of the forest. Standing from Da Chong mountain, you will be able to admire the Yen Lap lake and the whole beautiful image of Minh Thanh ward. 

Chong Da Mountain Quang Ninh - nothing
Famous virtual living rock in Quang Ninh. Photo: metrip


To explore Da Chong's most convenient, you should also determine the time to go. Specifically, the most ideal time to explore Quang Yen's Rock Husband is on sunny days, you can go in the morning and back in the afternoon. Visiting Da Chong mountain is completely free. 

How to move to Quang Ninh Chong Da Mountain

Experience in Quang Ninh Chong Da Chong , to move to this place, first of all, you need to take a bus or motorbike from Hanoi to the center of Hoanh Bo district (Ha Long city). Next, you go in the direction of NH279 about 20km, you will see Khe Lieu and hire a boat to move on the lake bed for about 45 minutes. When traveling by boat, you will admire the beautiful natural scenery of Yen Lap lake. After that, you will go to Khe Mung and you need to walk about 1.5 hours to reach Da Chong Mountain.

Tip: If you move along this road, you can go vertically from the center of Hoanh Bo through the page of apples, sugarcane and guava in Son Duong commune (Hoanh Bo). Besides, when going this way, you can also pass through the cultural reserve of the Dao Thanh Y Bang Ca and Quang La flower street. 

Quang Ninh Chong Da Mountain - a unique virtual live check-in place

What is Quang Ninh Husband Rock Mountain ? Located at an altitude of 400 meters above sea level, Da Chong has a very unique beauty that is rare in any other place. Da Chong Mountain has become an attractive destination for tourists, especially adventurous adventurers to live virtual super beautiful pictures. 

This virtual living rock in Quang Ninh helps the photographer to own the pictures at the most unstable heights. The unique thing of Da Chong mountain is that it protrudes out from the edge of the forest to help admire the vast natural landscape. 

Chong Da Mountain Quang Ninh - a virtual living rock in Quang Ninh
Enough corners to create beautiful designs at the cliffs of Da Chong. Photo: @m_xuleo


Although the road to move to Da Chong requires courage and adventure, however, when you reach the top of the mountain, it will not be worth the effort. In front of you is the majestic landscape of mountains and forests, in the far distance is Yen Lap lake, hidden away in the midst of a beautiful morning mist. The rocks are stacked and dangerous. Therefore, to explore Da Chong mountain requires the traveler to have experience in the jungle. Besides, with the dangerous structure of Da Chong mountain, you should not go close to the outside to live virtual. 

Chong Da Mountain in Quang Ninh - Enjoy the beautiful scenery from the virtual live rock
See the beautiful Yen Lap lake from Da Chong's cliff. Photo: @ chang.able


Virtual living in the most beautiful Quang Ninh Chong Da Mountain, you should choose for yourself the safe location and the best location along with the creativity and skill of the photographer to own the best pictures. If you are adventurous, you can cling to the rocks and stick firmly, then release your hand to capture the best view with this famous virtual live rock.

Rock Chong Quang Ninh - a favorite destination of young people
Enjoy all kinds of beautiful designs at the cliffs of Da Chong. Photo: @ tuon.tuon.88


Notes on Quang Ninh Chong Da Chong 

Da Chong mountain trekking ensures safety and many interesting experiences, you should also be aware of the following notes: 

- Because you have to move on the lake bed to reach Da Chong mountain, so to ensure safety you should choose a boat with full life jackets. 

- Bring all kinds of food and drinks, because there is not any restaurant service on the mountain. 

- Be very careful when using firewood, as it may cause forest fire. 

- Should hire a local to guide the way, especially when climbing the cliff to avoid danger. 

- In the absence of a guide it is best not to join as there are many trails that are easy to get lost. 

- If traveling by motorbike, you should choose strong motorbikes. 

- Bring gloves, tools and protection when climbing. 

If you are looking for a place that is both adventurous and beautiful, the Quang Ninh Da Chong Mountain is the ideal destination that you should not miss to own unique pictures.

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