Quy Nhon Nui Mot Lake: a peaceful moment in the bustling city

 When pressured by work, depressed by the luxury and hustle-bustle of a busy city, the pristine and rustic features of nature make people want to return to relax and find peace in the city soul, one of such ideal places is Quy Nhon Nui Mot Lake that visitors should not miss.

About the lake Nui Mot Quy Nhon

Located in Nhon Tan commune, crossing the border between An Nhon and Van Canh districts and 40km northwest of Quy Nhon city center Nui Mot lake with an area of ​​1,200 hectares is one of the lakes. The largest sweetener in Binh Dinh province.


Peaceful scenery at Quy Nhon Nui Mot LakeA peaceful moment on the lake (Photo @cometsign)


Previously, in the 18th century, the lake used to be an important base of Tay Son insurgents, until the years of the resistance war against the French it was a solid logistics for the army fighting, but today, with beauty Lyrical poetry, Nui Mot lake  becomes an attractive tourist destination for tourists when visiting the beautiful coastal city of Quy Nhon.


How to move to Quy Nhon Nui Mot Lake

From Quy Nhon city, you run along National Highway 19 to An Truong village, Nhon Tan commune, to Cai Ba intersection with traffic lights - where there is a signboard indicating the entrance to “An revolutionary base area. Truong ”, you turn left according to the signboard and run about 8km to reach Nui Mot Lake tourist area , then run uphill up to the 700m dam bank to see the lake.


motorbike - means of transport to Quy Nhon Nui Mot LakeMotorbikes are a popular means of getting to the lake (Photo @ quyhn.nguyen)


The charming and charming beauty of the lake Nui Mot Quy Nhon

Surrounded by the majestic An Truong mountain range, surrounded by a pristine, mysterious forest, Nui Mot lake is  always clear and peaceful like blue eyes full of youth and serenity of girl in her early days growing up town.


the panorama of Quy Nhon Nui Mot LakeOverview of the lake (Photo by FB Tran Truong Tri)


In addition, the adornment of that poetic water painting is a vast meadow like a wild and golden steppe in autumn, creating a romantic scene like "Little Switzerland" in the heart of An Nhon. .

Meanwhile, in the dry season, when the water recedes, the rocks of many shapes below the lake bed rise like islands in the middle of the sea, combined with the surrounding majestic mountains and forests to make us feel like we are so small with large nature.

Memorable experiences at Quy Nhon Nui Mot Lake


With the sound of smooth flowing water, the sound of birds chirping and singing in the green forest and cool and fresh air, Nui Mot lake in An Nhon is an ideal place for you to have a rewarding picnic and enjoying close family or friends.


campfire - exciting activities at Quy Nhon Nui Mot LakeCampfire and evening singing were also great (Photo @baor_t)


Come here, early in the morning, admire the sparkling sunrise, warm bright yellow sunlight, embrace the lake surface, in the afternoon, sip a cup of hot tea and watch the yellow cows leisurely graze. The storks hovering under the sunset or the children are carefree playing on the yellow grass, sometimes crunching, clear laughter, you will surely see a lot of hustle and competition. The modern life out there is all gone.


camping - interesting activities at Nui Mot Quy Nhon lakeWelcoming dawn on the lake (Photo FB Nghia Lobster)


Disclosure : You should go in the early morning from 7:00 to 8:00 or late afternoon from 16:30 to 17:30 to not get too sunny and feel the full poetic beauty of the lake.



It will be a great pity if you come to Nui Mot Quy Nhon lake without renting a boat floating on the lake to explore. Among the immense green forests and four sides are clear water sparkling in the sun, you will feel like you are lost in a dreamy and peaceful fairy-tale area. This experience is quite similar to when you visit the Can Gio mangrove forest in Saigon or the Tra Su forest in An Giang .


Boating - exciting activities at Quy Nhon Nui Mot LakeRowing is a worthwhile activity (Photo FB Phan Ha Trong)


Note : If you want to explore all the lake, you will have to take 1 hour and the price of each motor boat will be around 300,000 VND with a capacity of about 10 people.


Enjoy attractive cuisine

Not only poetic scenery, Nui Mot freshwater lake also possesses a rich source of seafood with a variety of fish such as tilapia, carp or snapper ... that's why the specialties are processed. The variable from fish here also makes visitors always tired.

Once you have come here to travel, you must not miss sitting on the flat rocks or the green grass under the lush old base to enjoy delicious dishes such as fried carp, Cha Ca waterfall, cooked carp and goby goby richly ... and sip a glass of warm Bau Da wine from the martial land somewhere, make sure to end the hiccups.


Virtual life

Under this beautiful natural picture like this fairy tale place without making a few check-in photos, it is very flawed, isn't it?


virtual life - exciting activities at Quy Nhon Nui Mot LakeLive enchantment offline (Photo by FB Tran Ngan)


In the middle of Quy Nhon Nui Mot Lake is a small hut built of solid concrete, above is 2 layers of bright red tile roofs stacked, the entrance is designed in the form of a luxurious and modern arch. Surrounded by a solid iron railing, ancient beauty, moss-colored, so many young people enjoy coming to virtual life.


virtual life - exciting activities at Quy Nhon Nui Mot LakeThe hut building in the middle of the lake (Photo FB Huyen Trang)


Besides, standing in the middle of the mountain slope on the way to the lake, there is also a lonely green tree, standing alone in the middle of heaven and earth, vast mountains, will definitely be an ideal photo spot for you. .


virtual life - exciting activities at Quy Nhon Nui Mot LakeThe lonely divine tree near the lake (Photo FB Khai My)


Visit fellow Bana

Located near the end of Nui Mot Lake  is the Bana ethnic minority, so if you are curious to explore their life or cultural characteristics, do not forget to visit.

Moreover, when you come here, you can also join the villagers in participating in unique cultural activities such as wearing a colorful suit and singing and dancing in the joyful sound of the echoing gongs and gongs. All over the majestic thousands or listen to friendly people, likable stories with a bright smile always blooming on their lips, it will certainly be interesting to see.


Visit the waterfall

Climb up the hill for about 15 minutes, visitors will admire a pristine white silk strip of about 30-40m long like the delicate dress of a fairy forgotten in the middle of the mountain, prominent in the fresh green color of the forest tree, every time the sunlight shines, it shines silver like a fairyland on earth.

Below the waterfall is a clear stream, groping through the rocky ravines, even in the dry season, the stream will never end, so tourists traveling to Nui Mot Lake can freely travel with people relatives and friends shower or play in the cool water, oh, happiness sometimes is just that simple.


Famous tourist destinations near Nui Mot Quy Nhon lake 

Before ending your trip, do not forget to visit the famous tourist attractions of Quy Nhon nearby such as: Canh Tien tower, Phu Loc tower, Hoang De citadel, Mo O mountain, Ngoc Duyen nunnery, Thap Pagoda Tower ... especially Thien Hung pagoda - the pagoda is dubbed "Phuong Hoang Co Tran" in the heart of An Nhon, sure to make you surprised.


Thien Hung pagoda - the destination near Nui Mot Quy Nhon lakeThe temple is as beautiful as ever (Photo @ iamzhang96)


If you want your soul to be relaxed and peaceful after hard working days, don't miss the  lake Nui Mot Quy Nhon !

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