Travel Cape Sa Vi Quang Ninh to learn where to place the first drawing on the map of the country

 Travel to Quang Ninh Sa Vi cape, visitors will discover the top of the country, conquer beautiful roads, check-in reliefs and welcome a beautiful sunrise. With the following Sa Vi travel experiences, you will have a memorable trip.

Where is Sa Vi cape in Quang Ninh?

Where is Sa Vi Cape ? Sa Vi is located in Tra Co ward, Mong Cai city, Quang Ninh province, about 13km from the city center. Sa Vi Cape is about 350km from the center of Hanoi, together with Mui Ngoc are two headlands located in the Northeast of our country. Traveling to Quang Ninh, visiting Sa Vi cape, visitors will admire the peaceful beauty, with white sand beaches stretching along the coast and each fishing boat group anchored on the port at a peaceful picture.

The most ideal time to conquer Sa Vi cape is in the summer from April to July every year. At this time, the weather is less rainy and sunny, suitable for fun activities to visit. Especially, if you go to the June of lunar calendar, you will be able to participate in the unique Tra Co communal festival and learn about folk culture in the Red River delta.

How to move when traveling to Sa Vi cape in Quang Ninh

Travel experience in Quang Ninh Sa Vi cape , to explore the top land of the country from Hanoi, you move to Mong Cai city by bus, submarine or motorbike. Specifically, please refer to the instructions below:

- Passenger car: Currently there is Ka Long garage with a route from My Dinh bus station (Hanoi) to Mong Cai, the fare is about 100,000 VND / person. Every day there are about 4 flights departing at the time of 19h, 19h30, 20h and 9:30 pm. When you arrive at Mong Cai bus station, you can take a taxi, motorbike taxi or bus to Tra Co. There are bus route number 07 (Mong Cai City - Tra Co), frequency of 15 - 20 minutes / trip, each day, there are 8 bus routes and ticket price is 15,000 VND / one way.

- Submarine: For those departing from Bai Chay or Hai Phong can go by hydrofoil to Tra Co. Every day there are 2 trains departing in the morning and afternoon.

- Motorbike: To be active about traveling, you can travel by motorbike from Hanoi along the route QL5 -> NH1B in the direction of Lang Son -> Bac Ninh -> turn right along NH18 to Pha Lai. When arriving in Ha Long, you will see a sign showing the way to Ha Long to Mong Cai.

Travel to Quang Ninh Sa Vi cape , from Mong Cai city you drive in the direction of Tran Nhan Tong street, go straight through Trang Vi street to reach Sa Vi cape. In general, the path is very easy, you just go straight and you will see a gate to greet Sa Vi. Next, go straight the car about 20m to the 0km Trang Vi landmark, you go all the way, then park the car and start the tour.

For those who travel by bus or submarine, you can rent a taxi, motorbike taxi or motorbike with prices ranging from 150,000 - 200,000 VND / day to travel while exploring Sa Vi cape.

Sightseeing and beautiful check-in when traveling to the tip of Sa Vi Quang Ninh

The road moving to Sa Vi cape is straightly paved, the roadside is the vast immense beach. On the way you will see the image of an ancient sea village and Tra Co communal house, with green poplar forests. Especially, when going to Sa Vi cape, purple sim flowers bloom to create a beautiful scene, visitors can stop to take virtual live photos.

When coming to Sa Vi cape, every one of us must feel proud of the milestone marking the northeastern region in our country. In particular, the relief of three pine needles is reaching out to the sky and is also the most popular check-in place in Sa Vi.

Tourist Cape Sa Vi Quang Ninh - an attractive place for tourists
Wild natural scenery at Sa Vi cape


Travel to Quang Ninh Sa Vi cape , visitors will have a full view of the beauty of Tra Co crescent-shaped beach up to 17km long. The most interesting and attractive thing to tourists when coming to Sa Vi cape is that, although the easternmost point of the country is in Mui Dien (Phu Yen) , but Sa Vi cape (Tra Co) is the first place to catch the first sun in the area in the North. Coming to Sa Vi cape, you will welcome the sunrise and do not forget to choose the best pictures when visiting the headland of the country.

In addition, visitors can also visit the Sa Vi border information cluster - considered a symbol of Sa Vi. Inside, there is a service cluster, a building cluster and a square with a beautiful galvanized concrete poplar image. When not from this place, visitors will admire the panoramic green poplar forest and beautiful beaches.

Travel Cape Sa Vi Quang Ninh - watch the romantic sunset
The place to watch the beautiful sunset


After conquering Sa Vi cape , you can visit Tra Co beach, which is famous for its clear blue sea water all year round, smooth white sand. Tra Co Beach is known as the most lyrical beach in our country, watching the beautiful sea, walking, swimming and enjoying the fresh air. Tra Co Beach is very wide, clear blue water is ideal for relaxing and participating in exciting activities. Or you can walk barefoot on the fine white sand and listen to the murmur of waves.

Quang Ninh Sa Vi cape tourism - Tra Co beach
Bathing in Tra Co beach


Traveling to Quang Ninh Sa Vi Cape, you can shop at Mong Cai central market or Mong Cai border market with all kinds of items such as: Clothing, jewelry, shoes, bags, electronics, toys for children, fresh fruit, confectionery or seafood, pre-processed rubber and all kinds of agricultural products such as sesame, beans, coffee, tea, peanuts ...

Enjoy specialties when traveling to Sa Vi

Traveling to Sa Vi , visitors also enjoy many delicious specialties here such as:

- Seafood: Tra Co Beach is famous as a seafood paradise with all kinds of fresh for you to choose from: Shrimp, squid, crab, snails, crabs, shrimp ... processed with many flavors Different tastes like steamed, grilled, fried, depending on your taste. Seafood is displayed in the glass cabinets for visitors to choose from and is processed on the spot with reasonable prices.

Mong Cai isle: This specialty is shaped like a crab and is also known as shackles, which many tourists love and want to enjoy once when coming to Sa Vi and Tra Co waters. The amaranth meat is very firm, sweet, fragrant and rich in nutrients. The dishes you can enjoy such as banh cù, vermicelli, vermicelli, roasted tamarind, roasted with salt ...

Quang Ninh Sa Vi cape tourism - specialties
Enjoy specialty Cu Ky


- Ca Day Tien Yen: Poultry resembling swans and ducks, has delicious, sweet meat and is not fishy. The dishes made from tomato are often processed according to Chinese flavors. The delicious dishes made from tomato sauce must include boiled tomato dipping with Cai Rong and Cat Hai fish sauce.

- Tien Yen Chicken: is a wild breed of hill chicken, so it has a very sweet, fragrant meat and crispy skin. Boiled chicken is still the best dish when enjoying this breed. Yellow skin, low fat, not greasy, you can dot Tien Yen chicken boiled with salt, lemon pepper or served with sticky rice, nodding cake.

- Sea Sam: The delicacies from the sea seaweed have a delicious taste and unique characteristics only in Tra Co beach. You can enjoy stir-fried sea sam with vermicelli, fried powdered sam, sweet and sour pork, sam blood, sam salad, fried sam eggs, steamed sams, grilled cartilage ...

Travel to the Cape Sa Vi Quang Ninh is an interesting experience that many travelers love when having the opportunity to come to Dat Mo. Not only admiring the beautiful scenery, admiring the romantic sunset when coming to Sa Vi, visitors also keep beautiful pictures at the place where the first drawing on the S-shaped strip of land is placed

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