Visit the sacred Dong Yen Tu Pagoda

 Dong Yen Tu pagoda is not only of architectural importance but also possesses unique spiritual values. This is the largest bronze mountain temple in Asia, not only the pride of the Vietnamese people, along with the spiritual source of Buddhists. 

About Dong Yen Tu pagoda 

Dong Yen Tu pagoda is located in Truc Lam Yen Tu complex, located on the top of Yen Son with an altitude of 1068m above sea level. The terrain on the top of Yen Son is quite dangerous. In the northwestern part of the mountain top is a standing cliff 200m deep. This is the boundary between Bac Giang and Quang Ninh provinces. Dong Pagoda is located at an ideal height in combination with the convergence of the spirit of Yen Tu mountain, so there are always clouds and wind.

Dong Pagoda has been recorded as the largest bronze temple in Vietnam . In order to reach a larger record as " Asia's largest bronze mountain top temple ", many workers had to do very hard work in the history of the construction industry. Not only achieving architectural value but also a leading sacred temple in Yen Tu country as well as across the country. Every year, Dong Yen Tu pagoda  welcomes millions of visitors from all directions to go on pilgrimage and rituals. 


About Dong Yen Tu pagoda (Photo: nickykhanhngoc)


Historical construction of Dong pagoda 

Dong Yen Tu pagoda  was officially built in the Hau Le dynasty (XVII century) by the concubine of Trinh lord. At this stage, the pagoda is just such a small examination that one cannot pass. In the year of Canh Than 1740, a great storm caused the roof of the pagoda to pop out, so that the crook took advantage of removing the remaining roof. By 1930, the ancients said that Mrs. Bui Thi My from Long Hoa pagoda reconstructed the pagoda with bronze-reinforced concrete. 

Experiencing many times of regeneration and realizing its unique spiritual value, in 2005, the People's Committee of Quang Ninh approved a project to embellish and restore Dong pagoda. The work was completed in January 2007 and recorded many records. 


History of Dong Yen Tu pagoda After the completion of the temple, many records were achieved 


The legend of Dong Yen Tu pagoda 

Dong pagoda has a literal name Thien Truc Tu which means the country of the Buddha Nhu Lai and indicates the unrivaled position on the top of Yen Tu mountain. Legend has it that at the top of Yen Son, Dong pagoda was located, which used to be called the lazy mountain. This is the place to chant dance and pray for rain on top of Yen Tu. Therefore, according to the perception of many ancient people, Dong Yen Tu pagoda is the place where people come to pray for cosmic vitality for life. This only happens in a land that possesses the conditions that converge the divine flow of all things heaven and earth. Perhaps that is why the Dong pagoda has become a place where Buddhists put their full faith in the sacredness for each visit with the desire to enter that sacred gas source. 


Visiting Dong Yen Tu pagoda Tourists visit Dong pagoda 


The Dong pagoda worships the Bodhisattva, but the bronze bells and the bronze worshipers built at that time have been lost. This temple is also the residence of the Buddha of Vietnam, the place to worship the Buddha Tathagata's death of Thien Truc country, the previous life of Buddha Sakyamuni. Standing at Dong pagoda, you will feel the sacredness that pervades everything, making your soul wash with the cool scent of clouds, sky, and buddha plants. 


The legend of Dong Yen Tu pagoda Standing here you will feel the peace spread


Guide the way to Dong Yen Tu pagoda 

In the past, in order to reach Dong Yen Tu pagoda , the only way was treeking through thousands of stone steps, crossing the 6km long mountain road to reach Yen Son peak. However, in recent years, the management board of Yen Tu scenic area has allowed to build and put into use the cable car line so that visitors can more conveniently conquer the temple. 


Road to Dong Yen Tu pagoda Sitting in the cabin you will be able to see the full majestic scenery below 


Sitting in the cable car cabin, you can see the full view of heaven and earth, Yen Tu mountain from above. When you arrive at the station, you will continue to walk a while to enjoy the sacred mountain Yen Tu. Looking down from the cable car, you will be surprised to admire the Yen Tu tree forest, where there are many ancient conifer tops with a age of 700 years stretching out in a very large space. There are also bristling bamboo shoots that sometimes even touch the cable car. Although there is a cable car, the walking path to reach Dong pagoda is quite long, with thousands of jagged stone steps through the old forests. When the sky comes in the spring, there are drizzling rains, you will experience "clear the fog to find the way" to go to the temple. 


Move up to Dong Yen Tu pagoda The destination will be a special temple 

The unique architecture of Dong Yen Tu pagoda 


The new Dong Yen Tu pagoda was modeled by expert bronze casting artists in Y Yen, Nam Dinh and modeled at Keo Pagoda in Thuan Thanh, Bac Ninh. The pagoda weighs 70 tons, is 3.6m wide, 4.6m long, and the height from column to roof is 3.35m. The patterned details on the roofs and blades are bold in Tran architecture. The whole project including Buddha statues, pagodas and bells is estimated to weigh 70 tons, are cast entirely in pure copper imported from Australia with 4000 components, of which the heaviest one is 1.4 tons. All are installed on the top of the mountain. 


Chiem worship at Dong Yen Tu pagoda (Photo: candie.trann)


Dong Yen Tu pagoda is considered by many to be a golden lotus flower on the top of a sacred mountain, the pagoda is composed of about 6000 details, with certain complexity when assembling. All details from tiles, floor tiles to columns, trusses are measured, weighed, and edited every inch to ensure the same aesthetics as the previous design. On either side of the pagoda, there are racks of bells and khanhs. At the back of the temple built a monk for monks to stay. 


Conquering Dong Yen Tu pagoda (Photo: kietle95)



Due to its location in a rather steep and high altitude, Yen Son is covered by clouds all year round. Because of this feature, Dong pagoda has been designed with optimized methods to withstand inclement weather. When the construction of a new Dong Yen Tu pagoda was carried out, the two old temples were moved to the Yen Tu relic management board for preservation. After this, it will continue to be transferred to the Gallery. 


See the natural scenery from Dong Yen Tu pagoda(Photo: sullinguyen_)


The reconstructed temple site resembles a large lotus shape. In it, each stone represents a blooming lotus wing, and the temple is located in the middle of the lotus. The east of the cliff is steep, the west has a steep slope forming an abyss, the path only fits one foot. Construction works in the southwest direction. Going to Dong Yen Tu pagoda , walking in white clouds will make it difficult to distinguish between earth and heaven. Looking at the 4 directions, the scenery is like a beautiful green silk strip. 

Every year, on the occasion of early spring, visitors everywhere have the desire to pilgrimage to Dong Yen Tu pagoda to pray, to worship, to find the Buddha realm, to find peace. 

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